Session 11.25.12

Gary, his two sisters Danny and Rachel and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing, followed by loads and loads of footwork drills. Both Danny and Rachel have not had much exposure so we started heavy on the footwork.
We then brought out the focus gloves. I fed Gary and he fed me…we then each took a sister and worked through some of the basic concepts of striking. We kept it at straight lead and rear and lead rounding blow for today. Just enough to work on but not so much that we burned them out…I hope.
Gary and I then sparred three rounds, first boxing, then savate and lastly boxing again. Gary has been training a while now so I was able to open up on him a little more and give him a better feel for what his future holds. He did well. A well placed coup de pied bas in the second round had me thanking whatever god was handy that Gary had wrestling shoes on. Now no one should like getting hit but there is a special feeling about getting hit with something you just taught a few weeks ago. Nice to know that things sink in.
We ended the session with some review of some of the grappling we had hit during the past few weeks.

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