Just who are the members of NEOHEMAS? And more importantly, how can you become a member? Not all these folks are active right now but we all remain friends even if we don’t get to see each other as much as we used to.

Ken Pfrenger – Founder and supreme bastard. Member of the AHFAA Advisory Board, Director and Propast of the Cumann Bhata. and founding member of CMARS

Dave Doyle – The Wrestling Coach! Currently working with his own group in Akron, with a focus on a hybrid style of fighting. Our distances has just grown too great to train with each other anymore. The best to Dave and his future.

Randy McVan – AKA Full Speed Randy, He wears the Kilt in his family (inactive)

Shannon Pfrenger – Queen of Savate and beater of husband. (inactive)

Sean McVan – The brutal son of Full Speed Randy (inactive)

Evan Dicken – Wielder of General Tso and the dreaded Timetable of Death. Evan is away at school but pops in when he can for some recreational violence.

Justin White-Lowther – Our designated sword guy, whether he likes it or not.

Bill Spencer – … us from the fury of the Northmen! A part timer but has been known to check in now and then:)

Dave Jennings – Wielder of the deadly shillelagh known as “Unhallowed Grave”! Has the distinction of receiving the largest bloodiest wound from a training incident to date.

Matt Fehr – A savage killer. AKA “The Mad Hungarian”

Chris Tripi – our mma guy 7-0 so far. Brawlroom WW champ! He really has helped us on our ground game.

Graham Governor – the other mma guy…7-0

[These  two guys are here mainly for the sambo and to work on striking but they help us a great deal on all of our grappling and keep our egos in check.]

David Baker

Gary Baker

Jason Baker

AKA the Fabulous Baker Boys….Both David and Gary are young wrestlers with potential…Jason is their father. he is our official photographer and helps out with the timekeeping and holding pads. We also get him to swing a blade around now and then.

You? Why not? We are an easy going group that at this time does not charge a membership fee and if we can remain free for our members forever, we will. Drop us a ine at if you are interested in learning more about what we do or want to come out and give it a try.

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  1. […] Tomahawk, Bata (Irish stick), Military sabre, Bartitisu, and holds black belts in Judo and Aikido. Ken Pfrenger practices Boxing, Wrestling, Sombo and a variety of historical European stick and knife systems. […]

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