The most important thing that can be said of our curriculum is that it is interest driven. We have a basic structure that we stick to but depending on who shows up for a training session, what we work on can vary. Our focus is on the Western martial arts and HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). We go from ancient to modern.

Faicseanaíocht– This is a catch all name for the martial arts of the Irish Faction Fighter. It includes the weapon arts and the unarmed arts of Pugilism and the grappling styles of Collar and Elbow Wrestling, Side Hold and Coraiocht. More info can be found here: Cumann Bhata. We also study the use of the Irish sparth axe.

Iomart Airm – Scottish Martial Arts Including Broadsword, singlestick and Highland Wrestling. Check out The Cateran Society for more information.

Pugilism – Bare fisted fighting from the 18th and 19th centuries. With an emphasis on the style of Mendoza and others from the earlier periods. For more in depth look at Mendoza go here. We also study the style of boxing put forth by Jack Dempsey in his book, Championship Fighting. An almost perfect blend of old and new. Russian fisticuffs is also a style we study.

RAFRussian All-around  Fighting We are the Midwest reps of RAF USA. Russian Fisticuffs for now with an expansion into the other arts. RAF USA Page coming soon

Wrestling – Various styles of folkwrestling including Freestyle and Catch As Catch Can. We also do some Germanic kampfringen, mostly in the style of Passchen.

Medieval German Martial Arts  – Longsword, messer and ringen or wrestling

Savate – NEOHEMAS is not a flull fledged Savate Salle but we do include it in our study. In the future we expect to get into this exciting art more. For more info go to The Australian Savate Homepage.

Singlestick – In the English and Scottish traditions…..Check out the WSFF site for more info.

Tomahawk and Long Knife/Navaja – The big bad American Bowie knife named after the great American hero, Jim Bowie. For more info on the Bowie go to Alliance Martial Arts Bowie page. Add to this the fighting tomahawk and you have a formidable set of weapons at your disposal.

Acero Sevillano – We also study the Spanish knife called the Navaja. We are the Ohio chapter for Acero Sevillano under Maestro James Loriega. Included in this study is the use of the fixed bladed knife the chuchillo and the faja or sash.

Sambo/RMA – We have been working on some of the various aspects of Russian Martial Art for some time now including some Sambo material as well as Systema/ROSS. Very interesting stuff, for more infor check out the following sites…… Russian Martial Arts, The System NJ ROSS,  American Sambo Association. We have a good friend that is coming out to train us a few times a year…we owe a lot to him for this. Much of our sambo curriculum comes directly from Mark Tripp…his instruction is greatly appreciated.

Carpathian Mountain Axe – The walking axe commonly carried by the early highlanders of the Carpathian mountains. This weapon is know by several different names…..The Rusyns call is a sokyra, the Slovaks a valaska, the Poles a ciupaga, the Hutculs a topirecs and Hungarians a fokos…etc..vist the Oprishki site for more info.

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  1. It has been some time since I was on the site. It looks great. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication to the arts. It keeps us going here in the south.

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