Session 9-28-08

3 of us today

2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds three count cadence drills with emphasis on counters
1 rd floor bag
2 rds feed & follow footwork
1 rd freestyle footwork

Jackets on….
2 rds grip offbalancing work
1 rd ground engagements
2 rds sambo

we finished the day with some med ball work…
sprawl toss
sit-up toss
med ball slams

We ended a bit early this week. No one really felt all that good after the rounds of sambo. I started a new job this week and have a sinus infection so cutting it a little short felt just about right for me.


Session 9-21-08

We got a new roof on our training area! Well at least half of a new
roof. Hopefully the rest will be on before our next session. No more
getting rained on or having to clean up puddles on the mats, no more
mushrooms growing along the wall! No more icicles hanging from the
ceiling in the winter!

Three of us today.

2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds sparring
1 rd floor bag
2 rds freestyle footwork with conditioning between and after the footwork

Onto Sambo:
2 rds grip offblancing work
1 rd ground engagement
We then took two techniques and drilled them for about 20 minutes, the
body wheel or bokovoy and the cross arm grab ankle pick

2 rds of sambo each.

Things are really coming together well with our grappling. The guys
are looking better every week, for me, things are begining to click
alot more often and I am not having to resort as often to old stand
bys….new things are presenting themselves to me every week it seems.

I really wanted to do some weapon work today but my daughter called
and needed a ride home from her friends, since it was a school night I
did not let it slip to long and we ended the session right after we

Bummer too since i had just finally gotten around to making the three
headed flail like Craig Johnson brought to ISMAC this year. We only
got to mess with it briefly at the begining of our session…I wanted
to play with axes a bit as well, looks like I’ll have to wait till
next time.

Classes at SCA Saxon Summer

Well saturday I taught two classes at the local Northeast Ohio SCA groups event called Saxon Summer. I taught right after the heavy fighting.

FIrst class…medival dagger and wrestling with a definite focus on wrestling in the manner put forth by Fiore Dei Liberi in his 1410 text. We discussed the 7 requirements for wrestling and showed examples of the last five and also wnet over the four wrestling posta. We then worked through the 1st Master in the wrestling section, ending up with some dagger defenses from the Iron gate position. Fun class, and much thanks to Bob Charron who I stole heavily from.

We then broke out the mountain axes and luckily I had just enough to make sure everyone got to have a training axe. We talked briefly about the history any cultural variations of the mountain axe before jumping right into the use.

We covered the four main stances…Hungarian, Polomski and Zbojnici forward and back. Holding the axe with the strong hand back is odd for most folks at first even if they get the reason why we do it. We also spent a long time working on the vertical figure eight movement and showing why it is an important component in the usage of this weapon.

We ended the class by working through 4 plays, axe vs axe.

Overall a good experience and I would be happy to do it again when asked. The turnout was not great but bucketloads of water falling on your head will tend to make even the hardiest of combatants decide to stay home and dry. Though the SCA has gotten some bad press with many WMA folks…all Is aw were people interested in what we were doing and enjoying whacking each other with axes and twisting each others limbs…what more could you ask for?

Session 9-7-08

2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds savate sparring
1 rd partnered footwork drill
1 min conditioning
1 rd freestyle footwork
1 min conditioning

Onto grappling…..we worked on single leg take downs, mostly on the
shot and getting in deep enough with that first penetrating step. We
either used a gathering step to close the distance or a passing step.

We then worked for a bit on Wade Schalles clock theory of
wrestling…basically we take the body of our opponent and designate
positions on the clock for his various limbs to cover…this is mostly
for turning over a downed opponent but has other uses too.

Next up we did some bouting. It has been a while and I felt pretty
rusty but good.
3 rds single stick
2 rds fokos
2 rds knife

On Wed. Matt and I did about and hour of freestyle wrestling followed up with some work on the mmountain axe.


Three of us today….
2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds 2 man feed and follow drill with jab only
2 rds three count cadence drills
1 rd freestyle foot work
2 rds feed and follow 2 man footwork drills

Decided to take a short break from sparring and work more on technique for a bit.

We then threw our jackets on for sambo…..
2 rds grip/off blancing
1 rd ground engagements
Work on a back trip done to the opponents rear leg and a belt/lapel grab sacrifice throw from the side position.
Some work flowing from striking to an arm bar and from striking to an ankle lock.

2 rds free style sambo

We ended the session with Matt and I doing some bouting with the fokos. Both of us using the back spike a great deal more than before.

On Wed, Matt and I worked out…about an hour of full bore sambo..good session.