Session 10-21-12

Dave, Gary and I today…
2 round shadow boxing
2 rounds rope drill
We then worked an upper cut counter to a jab when standing in mirrored stances. one of my favorite counters. I will even assume a mirror stance just to get a chance to throw this counter. i picked this counter up from Moore vs Cooper way back in the day, one of my favorite modern boxing fights:

1 round focus mitts
Introduction to the overhand. First time these guys got to work on this. We also did some Russian style RAF drills for traditional fisticuffs, confusing at times but real brain expanders. The room soon filled with smoke from our overcooked brains.

We jumped into sambo…no jackets today. Body wheel throw today followed by some work from collar and elbow position standing and then from the Russian 2 on 1.

We ended the session with Dave and I doing about 20 minutes on German longsword…meisterhau was the word of the day and we worked on all five for just a few minutes each.

Session 10-14-12

David, Gary, Jason and I…
David , Gary and I started off with 2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds limited boxing (straight lead only)
2 more rounds limited boxing (straight lead and rear plus lead and rear hooks)
We brought Jason in and worked a bit on some combinations holding the pads.
Next we brought out the aluminum navaja trainers for some basic of Spanish knife work…grips and stance plus and introduction to some light free play just so we have something to judge future improvement by also to give and idea of just how easy it is to get cut. Jason mainly helps holds the pads for his sons but we got him to take up knife at least:)
We ended the session going back into sambo. We started with some simple ground engagements then we went over the two take downs we worked the previous week, slide into a heelhook and inside leg trip into side position. We added another take down, another inside leg leg hook called a Cuban into a neck crank.
Really looking forward to next weeks training session, Gary and David are like a couple of sponges soaking up everything I feed them. Also nice to see that they are practicing during the week as well. It really shows.

Session 10-7-12

Chris, Dave, Improper Dave, Matt and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round each focus gloves
1 round free for all, everyone vs everyone boxing
1 round limited sparring, straight lead hand only…last week Chris and I worked on his straight lead JOLT ala Dempsey, he landed it on me from distance and sent me reeling, the wall saved me from a solid planting of my butt on the mat. I few seconds later, still reeling from the jolt(Probably the hardest punch I have ever been hit with) I got hit with another stiff lead that re-broke my freshly healed nose. Comes with the territory. Soon it will just be mush.


Onto sambo…no jackets today, instead we jumped right into take down into an ankle lock. This video:was the inspiration even if we did a different variation on the entry, the idea was basically the same. We ended the grappling with and inside leg hook takedown, pass into side control just as soon as the opponent met the ground.

We ended the session almost on time after a brief discussion and demo of some of the slungshot work Kirk showed us at Rec Violence VIII.

I am used to having fewer people around so it was pretty interesting to see how much less we actually got accomplished with just a few extra bodies. Still a very good workout, just different. I may have to fix up the loft in the barn for the sake of having enough room because 5 people was pushing the limit on my little training room.

Session 9-30-12

Running just about as late as usual with this…
Chris, Dave, Gary and I on Sunday.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves
3 rounds of either 3 count or two count drills stand up.
2 rounds kickfighting
On with our kurtkas for some sambo…
3 rounds of grip work.
Today we worked the cross lapel grab into the low podvhat. Very Uchi mata like for those familiar with that judo term, just a lot uglier. We also worked some holding and hitting, double lapel grab to knee, cross grab sleeve to kick to the stomach and or rear cross. Parterre next, we worked on the double wrist lock or Kimura to use a more familiar term for some. Both Gary and Dave took to this one really well with Chris leading the instruction. We ended the grappling with Gary and Dave taking a turn rolling live with Chris.
A video of me actually learning how to do this throw a few years ago.
Dave and I then went outside for some basic German longsword work. He remembered what we did the previous week, which is nice. After a quick review we focused on zwerchau. Some good stuff to practice for next time.