Session 9-23-12

Dave, Gary and myself today.

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus pads
2 rounds one for one boxing drills

Since both these guys are new, we also worked some body mechanics for certain punches including the uppercut, which they were introduced to today. Both are coming along nicely, very happy about that. Their father is hanging out as well helping hold pads which is pretty handy…as anyone who has held the pads knows, it is harder to do a good job as the feeder than the guy hitting the pads at times.

We threw on some jackets for sambo…first off, parterre or groundwork. We worked on gaining and holding the head and arm position and then a few escapes, working it into a drill. We then worked gaining the armbar from a simple take down off of an opponents failed shoot. We then worked a few throws and sub combos including the sambo single and back trip, finishing up with the old man’s throws, as we call it.

We finished the session with Gary working the bag and Dave and I going some basics with German longsword.

Chris won his fight on Saturday night, via choke in round 1. Hoping tog et some video of it.

Session 9-16-12

Chris and i were joined by the sibling trio of Dave, Gary and Rachael. Gary was the young wrestler who has been coming out…brought his brother and sister with him as well as his father this time out. Justin was also out.
Since we had three new people we went over the basic footwork in pretty good detail as well as teaching the straight lead, straight rear and lead hook. Nothing too difficult but enough with the concept of power generation thrown in there as well.
Luckily I had both Chris and Justin there to help me get these three (Gary has been out a few times so he has a better grip on the basics) rolling. Once they had some sort of foundation we did two rounds of shadow boxing so they could start moving about and working through some of the things on their own. We then followed up with Justin and I each taking a turn with some controlled sparring with Chris (Who fights this Saturday)…both to give him a little more flight time and so the new guys can see what we do with a little more intensity.
We then started right in on some ground work, armbars for several set ups, a nice throw from a hard whizzer and a few neck cranks…plus a little review of some of the sambo concepts I showed Gary the last time he was out.
The three siblings left after two hours…definitely some weapons for them next time they are out!
Chris, Justin and I then proceeded to dispatch the remaining dozen of so coconuts that were taking up valuable counterspace in my kitchen. Kirk…I can’t believe that I did not even think of the slungshot! You made me that nice heavy brute with the steel bearing inside of it. Not here I am without a coconut to pulverize.
Looking forward to training on Sunday.

Session 9-9-12

Super late with report but I figured I would get it done before writing the one for tomorrow.

Just Chris and I on Sunday. He has an MMA fight coming up on the 22nd so lots of work to get done. There was plenty of of video of his opponent online so we went over what we saw and decided that the guy who he was fighting was definitely game but lacking in some crucial areas, most glaring was his boxing. Definitely tough and a guy who comes to fight but a little on the raw and wild side.
So what we did was work on standing sparring…1st 2 rounds of shadow boxing then 2 rounds of focus mitt work. Then 10 rounds of light sparring working through things rather than trying to just band through the round. Also my nose is still broke and getting drilled in the face is not up there on my list of things to do right now, not too mention, this is a bad time for Chris to get a cut. Just best to take it easy and work on the mental game rather than the physical at such a time as this.
After the sparring we talked more about what we did and made some simple game plans to follow.
We finished the session with some test bash…bought a bunch of coconuts at a auction last Monday, more than we could possibly use and some seemed a bit old. We found a simple stand to use and bashed the coconuts with: e-tool, mace and Cold Steel poly shillelagh. I had always heard that a coconut was about as tough as a human skull, don’t know if that is true or not but we had a jolly good time smashing in pretend skulls. All thee weapons did great as skull smashers. Will definitely do this again.
Looking forward to tomorrow’s session, gonna work on more boxing and burning a few ideas into the head.