NEOHEMAS 6-29-14 Session

David, Gary, Jason and I today…

4 rounds shadow boxing
1 round focus gloves
2 rounds boxing sparring
1 round freestyle footwork
We then spent a little time working on unmatched stances circling to the outside and ended our boxing session with the following combo, lead Mexican uppercut, rear Mexican uppercut finishing with a lead hook to the body.
Our sambo trained was all par terre (ground work) today. Some free rolling and counters to chokes as well and some positional work ending with a step over ankle lock from inside the guard.
I have been taking a martial break since Combat Con, felt real nice to jump back into it. Going to try and get David and Gary ready for Sombo Joe Nationals in August, not sure if we have the time to do it but will be trying.

NEOHEMAS Session 5-18-14

Just Chris and I this week. While it is real nice to have a full house, we get a whole lot accomplished when we have basically a private session. We really get to focus on improving Chris’s skills and strategies during sessions like this plus I get a much better insight into coaching. I get to learn just about the same amount as he does.

2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds focus gloves
3 rounds boxing  (all rounds fought mirror image, Chris southpaw, me orthodox stance, 1st round Chris actively circle tot he outside, 2nd round I do the same and 3rd round we both try to circle and block the other.)
1 round freestyle foot work to allow my heart to stop trying to rip out of my chest.
1 round savate, again mirror image with active circling to the outside by both of us.
We then worked out coup de pied bas and fouette from the outside circling movement, worked on both catching kicks and not getting our kicks caught.
We ended the session with some work on sambo, two interesting anklelock variations and several leg lock counters to rear naked choke or back mount.

NEOHEMAS session 12=8=13

Just Chris and I today. I was suffering form a case of swimmers ear so I needed to take a bit easier than I liked and I absolutely could not get hit in the ear:)

We started out with some spear today (easy on the ear) reviewing Fiore’s material once again and some other stuff as well.

2 rounds shadow boxing
30 minutes of working on the inside and outside triple from boxing since Greg Hall was kind enough to remind me of this.
We then worked on a kick from Russian Stormfighting…a foutte thrown from the ground. Even though it seems to move pretty slow, it packed a lot of power. We ended the session with a little bit of clinch work and grappling off of the wall.
My wife made me pour apple cider vinegar in my ear after training and believe it or not by morning my ear was almost pain free. Apparently the vinegar kills the bacteria???? Who knew?


NEOHEMAS session 10-14-13

Chris, Gary, Jason and I today….

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds savate with no safety equip. just good control
Russian fisticuff drill called anvils…with a name like that you can surely expect some bruising:)
Grappling up next. Last week we worked a sambo takedown called the Cuban, this week we worked on a variation of this. The Cuban is an inside leg trip, from this we did a rolling inverted kneebar.
This lead to getting the same sub from a half guard position as well. This all fell in line with out Leglocktober theme.
Wrestling season coming up for Gary so we wanted tog et him some mat time…Chris took Gary through three rounds of coached grappling.
We ended our session historical…for a change we went through the first three masters of Fiore’s spear. It has been years but still as fun as I remembered it. Last up was a review of our progress in Von Auerswald’s 1539 Ringer Kunst manual.

fiore spear 1200px-Auerswald_7

NEOHEMAS session 9-8-13

Everyone canceled today so I grabbed my 10 year old daughter Sophia and took her next door to beat me up.

A while back I saw a Russian sambist who lives in Scotland named Vadim Kolganov was making clips of him teaching his young son sambo. A few weeks ago I started teaching my youngest daughter straight from these videos. She has really been enjoying them and they are nicely put together lessons so overall I am pretty happy. Yesterday was her 5th lesson. Here is a clip of the Vadim’s 5th lesson on youtube:
What is interesting to me is that she really has nothing to fall back on as far as martial technique or even preconceived notion of what she should be doing so she only has what I have shown her at her disposal and she really uses it.
10 year old girls can only get thrown by full grown men for a set amount of time before the headache sets in, so after a brief rest and dinner, we went back out and worked on Angelo’s Regimental broadsword work as set out by the Cateran Society…our focus this time was on inside guard and outside guard, online stance and offline stance.

2013 Ohio State Sombo Championships AAR

Early Saturday morning David, Gary, Jason and I headed down to Jamestown Ohio for 2013 Ohio State Sombo Championships.
My plan was to compete but upon arriving there was a serious lack of old dues so I decided not to do take part, they offered me an exhibition bout but I really did not understand what that meant fully…I now wish I would have done that but at least now I know what that entails.
Both Gary and David took part. The turnout was not all that great so there was not a lot of competition but they did get a decent amount of mat time. Both won and lost and learned a great deal. Each managed to win by submission with Gary pulling off a nice armbar on a heavier experienced opponent and David hitting a top wrist lock (Americana for you JJ folks) on a heavier more experienced sambist.
Both Gary and David won first place in their divisions…not heavily contested mind you but still a great showing for their first time out. If all goes well we will be going to the KY State Sombo, Greco Roman, Freestyle/Folkstyle Champion ships in mid April. I will also be compete this next time around…even if just in exhibition matches.
David goes for armbar

Session 1-27-13

David, Gary and I…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
2 rounds partnered footwork
1 round free style footwork
On with the jackets for some sambo. 
2 rounds grip work
Our focus this week was the back trip, cross body position and straight ankle lock. We worked on variations, and counters to these three concepts. Working first from a static position then moving to a more active almost one step sparring of all three.
Sambo at this years Arnolds Martial Arts Festival in March. Tentative, plans for us to go and compete. We will see how things roll in the next few weeks