NEOHEMAS 1-25-15 Training Session

Great session of recreational violence today but first let me give the report from Saturday…
Evelyn, Louis and I on Saturday.

We started out on German longsword. After a quick review we went over uberlaufen and countering Zornhau with Krumphau. We then jumped straight into our navaja work. This time our focus was on the Matador’s Thrust and floretazo so we donned our masks and got busy thrusting and cutting to the face with glee.

We then hit on the style of Irish stickplay found in the 1905 San Francisco Call focusing on the series of attacks and defenses against them. We ended our session with a focus on ancient arts…Greek and Roman boxing and gladiatorial combat.

Today it was just Chris and I…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus pads
2 rounds three count sparring drill
1 round boxing
1 round savate
1 round freestyle footwork
1 round partnered footwork drill

Since we had such fun with the ancient boxing on Saturday we went over the same material on Sunday, basic stances and some attack and defense from them. This was one of my original forays into the concept of western martial arts many years ago when I first got started, I wish I would have stuck with it…where would I be now?

We ended our session with a heavy dose of gladiatorial combat working with the training shields weapons I have been working on the past few weeks. Gear is decent but needs to be heavier, especially the shields but good to start with for now. Probably the most fun I have ever had training. Interesting how the different sets of gear match up even with the non-historical match ups we played with. Definitely will be part of our Sunday violence for the foreseeable future.


NEOHEMAS Session 1-11-15

Just Chris and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 focus gloves
2 rounds boxing
2 rounds savate
2 rounds footwork drill

We went over some methods for setting up spinning attacks be it from an offensive tactic or a reaction to the energy fed to you by your opponent. Working both pivot blow and back kicks. I have to say that I ate some kicks and punches today that were not all that pleasant but as they say…sometimes you get the bear, sometimes it gets you.

Next out came our longsword for about a half hour of German longsword. We covered the basics and did some work with Zornhau. We ended with some plays of durchlaufen.

All week I have had gladiatorial training on the brain. Lots and lots of research crammed in since last Sunday, also some time making training weapons and shields. This was our first official gladiator training session and it went pretty well, great fun. We got to mess with the training gladius I made as well as the spear, dagger and sica. We had some makeshift shields to use but next week I will have most of the shields finished. Some light sparring with a few of the different weapon and armor arrays used int he gladiatorial games…a great deal of experimental archeology going on. Looking forward to next session.


NEOHEMAS Session 1-4-15

First training of the new year! Just Chris and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
2 rounds savate
2 rounds focus gloves
2 rounds footwork drills

We then worked on the body mechanics for switching and ripping a hook to the body. The diamond footwork pattern I have in the middle of the floor helps a lot of people out with some of these things. I do need to expand it so I can stop telling people to imagine another line going off in some direction or another.

Since the Saturday crew has been working on German Longsword, I started keeping notes on one of the walls, We got to talking about them and had a nice 45 min session of basics for German Longsword.


Swinging swords brought us around to another topic we had talked about before…gladiatorial martial arts. This is a subject Chris is interested in exploring further and I am up for any sort of violence. SO It looks like some serious research and study for me in the coming weeks. I am looking for online resources first, so shoot em my way if you can. Plan on buying the Col’s book asap but not until I recover form Christmas spending.