Neohemas Session 2-22-15

Chris and I…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves
2 rounds three count cadence drill
2 rounds boxing
2 rounds footwork

Out with the shillelaghs for some work with the Footpad and Cane style Irish stick play, basic attacks and defenses along with defenses against grabs. We then grabbed the bowie trainers and played a little with the interesting shillelagh and bowie combo…sort of like an Irish wild west version of espada y daga…speculative but fun

Dropping the shillelagh’s we went into some review of our navaja work and a little Sicilian stiletto.

We skipped the week before due to dangerous road conditions and sub zero temps in our training area…yes sub zero in our training area. The week before that I failed to write up a report for, Our basic ten round striking program with some extra work spent on a modified Fitzsimmons shift and some great Gladiator work with emphasis on bouting using t e different armatura.


NEOHEMAS Session 1-31-15

Louis and I today…

Quick review of some German longsword material including the versetzen, uberlaufen and durchlaufen. Again the lower ceiling making longsword a real not-winter sort of thing for us.

Next up about a half hours work on gladiatorial combat with a focus on Thraex, Murmillo and Dimachaerus amatura. Really really fun. We added to this a bit of Roman/Greek boxing for s nice session of ancient combat. Just need to add some wrestling for a full program of AMA.

The mountain axes finally woke up after an extended hibernation. We did some work on basic attack and defenses using a variety of axes and comparing the weight and handling aspects of a few different styles. WE also had a nice discussion of thrusting with the head of the axe.

We ended the session with one of my favorite weapons…the e-tool. We worked on the four basic attacks and defenses for them, then we worked some actual plays or techniques, shovel vs shovel and shovel vs knife. We ended the session with a bit of e-tool bouting, great fun as always.

Louis is off for Australia for the Spring and Summer so we won’t see him again until the Fall. Hopefully he will find someone down there to train with for that time. Anyone in or near Adelaide?

I canceled Sunday’s session due to the heavy snowfall.