Session 12-27-09

Again just Matt and I…

2 rds shadow boxing 5 rds sparring – boxing switching from Russian fisticuffs to Dempsey to modern to Mendoza style constantly. We were shooting for 10 rds today but my shoulder started feeling a bit sloppy and my thumbs on both hand were getting mangled.

1 rd heavy bag

1 rd floor GnP bag

1 rd focus mitts

1 rds feed and follow footwork drill

1 rds freestyle footwork to cool down

We skipped grappling today since Matt had a cold.

Next out came the shillelaghs and we did a blocking drill followed by a two handed block return drill. Fingers a little smashed today:)

We ended the session with two rds of light sparring using the mountain axe. It has been a while since we played with these so there was a good amount of review while bouting.

Last Wed. Matt came out and we focused mainly on Boxing…

2 rds shadow boxing

10 rds sparring

2 rds footwork

Session 12-20-09

Just Matt and I today…
2 rds off balance/grip work
2 rds freestyle sambo
1 rds par terre (groundwork)

We ended out sambo session with some work on a failed shoulder throw, turning back, chest to chest for an inside leg hook takedown. We also worked a bit on a rolling kneebar on the ground from a whizzer grip.

We then suited up and had a nice well deserved bout with the shillelaghs. I got to try a few different approaches that worked better than I thought they would have. only one decent sized bruise…not a bad trade off at all:)

Next up we ran through some basic longsword drills for about 20 minutes to a half hour. Basically everything from zornhau then a response.

We ended the session with some restricted sparring, knife vs e-tool. only the knife wielder was allowed to initiate attacks while the guy with the shovel was allowed to parry and return or counter strike. Nice being able to do this full speed now with the trainer.

I go get an MRI Monday afternoon on my shoulder, so hopefully I can get fixed and start grappling like I did earlier in the year.

Right now I am working on a short series of training lessons for those who want to do some solo bata training. You can see them here:

Solo bata

Short e-tool clip

Session 12-13-09

Took it very easy today, Dr’s appointment on Monday morning for the shoulder, did not want to go in more injured than I was. We started off with some German longsword. Working with the vier leger and the vier versetzen. We then tried out my new entrenching tool trainer made from a child sized solid plastic snow shovel. Still hits very hard but does not have much mass behind it. Will definitely try and make a few more after trying this one out. We armored up our right arm with various pads and hockey gloves and went to work attacking away at the guy with the shovel, cuts and thrusts. The combination of a padded attacking arm and a light weight trainer made for a nice contact drill. Even more impressed with the e-tool as weapon now that we can go full speed in training. On the shoulder front…went to the Dr Monday morning and had it looked at. Unlikely that it is a torn rotator cuff need to jump through some hoops to get the Insurance company to do an MRI on it so that may be a few weeks.

Session 11-29-09

4 of us today…

45 minutes work with Longsword, mainly worked from pflug plus a little work on duplerin (sp?)

2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds boxing
1 rd heavy bag
1 rd floor bag
1 rd focus gloves
2 rds freestyle footwork

We then threw on our jackets for sambo and did 2 rds of offbalance/grip work. We then worked on a few takedowns into submissions:
Low podhvat from a whizzer grip
Old mans throw into armbar
sambo single into Achilles lock

We ended our session with some fun work using the e-tool. Much of what we worked on with the shovel worked well with the knife so we switched back and forth using the same concept but a different weapon.