Fitzsimmons demostrating the foul pivot


Marciano throwing a hook into an illegal elbow

I mentioned this in a comment on the elbow clip a few minutes ago.


Some lead elbow techniques

Milo was asking about our opinions on the lead elbow on the Classic pugilism list…I told him I would vid a few concepts to share. Much easier and clearer than typing them out. I wanted to get them done on the weekend but power problems in the Loft of Doom made that impossible….better later than never I guess.

Sambo 2-25-09

Matt and I doing a bit of sambo on a fairly warm Wed. afternoon.

Session 2-22-09

We were having power problems in our space today. Right away we blew a fuse, I replaced it. 10 minutes later we blew another….no more fuses and no store open in this metropolis to buy new ones…so we trained until it got too dark.

We went over some of the things we did last week end at the clinic…
cross grip podvhat or for those more japanically (yes I made that word up) inclined an uchi mata. We worked this from a cross grip and from a whizzer grip and did it a little different and low on the leg.
Also from this cross grip we worked a front body drop throw, a melnica or firemans and a leg sweep along with a belt grab into a Georgian pick up.
Onto par terre or groundwork….we worked on getting the armbar from the bottom then countering that armbar attempt with a nice leg lock flow that included a knee bar, a banana split and three different achilles crushes.
We then took out the entrenching tools and worked on flowing with them, and on a certain thrust with almost an epee grip from the Russian manual I got to see last week. We did some work against a knife using the e-tool and did some practice chopping/cutting against heavy wooden beams. Like I say almost every week…the more i play with this thing, the more i like it.
I had grand plans for doing a lot of different things this week but it just got too dark too fast and we called it a day after only an hour and a half.
So I have to save the navaja, shillelagh and pugilism for next week and still find time for at least one Broadsword league bout.

Sambo clinic review


Matt an I drove out to Findlay Ohio for a sambo clinic yesterday with Mark Tripp….so no training session report for today. 

We spent three hours doing sambo, combat sambo, Russian influenced judo and sambo influenced MMA. I broke my index finger on my left hand within five mins of the start when my finger got caught up in Matt’s jacket when I was tossing him with a fireman’s takedown. Needless to say this put a damper on my day. I got it taped up right away but it really was painful. It looks like a fat sausage today!
We went over a good amount of material and I learned several things that are going to help me up my game…so it was definitely worth the 3 1/2 drive and the paltry fee of $25. We will be doing this again in April.
After the clinic Coach Tripp produced his Soviet era classified military manuals…I asked him to point me to the shovel section….very cool material in there. Nothing complex and not too in depth but just from looking it over for a few minutes I was able to absorb a few concepts to add to my own arsenal of e-tool techniques.
imagesNot a pic of my actual finger:)

A few simple chokes using the shillelagh

Session 2-9-09

Just Matt and I today…..

2 rds grip offbalancing work
3 rds freestyle sambo
2 rds par terre (mat work)
Best moments…..getting things we learned at Mark Tripp’s sambo clinic to work live! Matt also drove me across the floor landing a very nice single leg on me, growling the whole while!
With the revisions of the Broadsword League rules I wanted to have a few bouts but since it was jsut us two and neither of us were feeling too competitive after the sambo we decided to wait until next time.
We worked through the first two plays of Mair’s murder axe material. I had been having a hard time getting something to work in the second play…this was the first Matt has gotten to do this one. He automatically made it work right. I guess i just had a mental block and needed a fresh input. 
We ended the session with about a half hour spent working on the navaja….jiro and contra jiro, viaje and defending against. We made drills out of both of these concepts.
We also got a chance to shoot a video clip of some simple chokes using the shillelagh. I will be posting those on youtube and the NEOHEMAS site tonight.

Session 2-1-09

A break in the weather. We were blessed with a training area that was 40F today! 

2 rds offbalance, grip work
2 rds sambo 
1 rd ground work
We worked on two simple kicking attacks from savate…displacement with fouette and march croise with mid line chasse. After a review of technique we chained these together making a drill of them.
We broke out the axe trainers and did some work with the murder axe from Mair and worked some of it into our mountain axe play. We concentrated on binding and grappling.
We then moved on to navaja….
We went over four stances:
1 Sevillian navaja in lead hand
2 Sevillian navaja in rear hand
3 Long range stance from MdB
4. Navarresse as described in Carmen
We went over the basic jiro and contrajiro
Plumada and reverse
We also worked a bit with navaja and cloak. We ended out knife play with a bout using the cold steel trainers.
We ended the session by breaking out the trainer e-tools and bout against the knife with them. The extended reach and just over all nastiness of the short shovel make it very hard to fight against using a knife…the more I play with my e-tool, the more i appreciate it.