NEOHEMAS Session 10-25-15

Chris, Jeff and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
7 rounds sparring boxing and kicking mixed
2 rounds focus gloves

Lots of sparring today and lots of work on body mechanics, specifically for the lead hook. Jeff has made some great progress in the last few weeks, just a little more tweaking of his hook and it will be a killer. We also did some more work on elbows this week, looking at different methods and angles. We ended the session with Chris going over a few groundwork techniques with us. Been real lazy about grappling, gotta get into it more in the coming weeks.

Jack Dempsey - Championship Fighting-50

NEOHEMAS Session 10-18-15

Chris, Jeff and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds partnered footwork drills
2 rounds focus gloves
1 round boxing
2 rounds kickboxing

After our very comprehensive striking session got into even more strikes…elbows from hell today. We first looked at using the segno as a guide for the various strikes using the elbows/ We then applied Dempsey’s mechanics to the elbow strikes employing bother his shoulder whirl and falling step.

On Friday the 16, Chris came out for a training session…
2 rounds shadow box
2 rounds focus gloves
3 rounds 3 count cadence drill
3 rounds 3 count sparring drill

We then went over some of our basic knife work with a focus on defense and using our already honed grappling skills rather than learning new things to do.


NEOHEMAS Session 10-11-15

Last Sunday Jeff made the hour and a half long drive to do some training here.

2 rounds shadow boxing
8 rounds of focus gloves with a heavy emphasis on learning body mechanics

Jeff has a fight coming up so we just wanted to work on getting a few things in his head with the hope to make things go well for him. At super heavyweight the light can go out real quick, so I wanted to make sure he was getting all of his weight into his strikes.

Specifics…we worked his falling/trigger step, worked on proper body mechanics for his lead hook and added the big overhand right to his arsenal. The over hand with 290 lbs behind it should be devastating once he gets comfortable with it. We also worked on the three count cadence drill. Timing is so important and often over looked. This drill is all about timing, finding it, keeping it and creating it.


AAR WMA Ohio: Regional meetup

A week late but I got around to it:)images

Last Sunday we held our first WMA Ohio: Regional meetup. A small but dedicated group of us got together on the West Side of Cleveland for about four hours of training in various arts.

I started off the session with a quick bit of Russian ROM drills. We then went right into some Dempsey style boxing working on basic power generation with a few side treks thrown in for good measure.

Next up, visiting from Lynchburg VA, Tim Anderson took us through the beginning stages of his own knife method. Great stuff! A new numbering system that makes perfect sense…will have to work on this one.

Nathan Wheatley then lead through an introduction to Naval Cutlass. Not my first experience with this weapon but well delivered and simple with an emphasis on actual fighting.

I ended the session with a quick intro class on Irish stick fighting. My plan was to skip the history and go into the mechanics of the Footpad and cane style but I ended up bogged down and running my mouth about historical things as usual. We did get to go over the FatC material for the most part and do some work on the reconstructed style that I teach as well.

Not sure how often we can get together to do this but it is almost positive that this will not be a one time deal if at all possible.