Session 8-23-09

started with 2 rds of shadow boxing then some interesting combinations on the pads:

1. lead frontal>lead fouette to the kidney>rear fouette to the head

2. lead elbow followed by a rear knee to the thigh or a rear elbow followed by a lead knee to the thigh.

3. while lying on the ground in sort of squared position…right fouette to the ankle followed by a very quick right chasse to the ankle then as you turn over on your side a left fouette to the ankle. The could be done on either side and the order of the kicks could be mixed as well.

We then each did a round of feeding and beating on Fred the Head.

Next up grappling….

we worked the triangle step into our grappling freestyle footwork…triangle step, level changes, European sprwal and standard sprawl. Next week we will be adding in shoots for some real active grappling footwork.

We then did some throws from the whizzer grip using the triangle step as the mechanics…we made the above clip to illustrate the idea.

We finished our grappling session with a review of leglocks: Achilles lock, ankle lock, foot lock, heel hook, kneebar and knee crush.

Out came the mountain axes and we worked through a short set I created to help with flowing and memorizing of concepts…we ended our session with some JdP where I got to try out my new maple stick. it passed muster meaning i will have to make a few more of these very soon.