Session 7-22-12

Chris, Matt and I today…

We started out today’s session in the back yard, throwing javelins and tomahawks…just for the hell of it.

Then back inside for 2 rounds of shadow boxing
1 rounds boxing
1 round savate
1 round fighting to the clinch…we start at distance with the goal of entering to the clinch.Matt too a real solid hook behind the ear at the very end of the last round and he dropped like a drunken….well you get the picture.

We went over a few strategies and principles for entering for the next twenty minutes.

We touched on a bit of knife work before heading into some baton. Since Chris is now a LEO, baton has become a staple when he comes out. We worked mainly from the reverse grip used in the Soviet baton manual…defenses and grapples were the order of the day.









We ended our session with some Irish stick…both Footpad and Cane style and our reconstructed style.

Combat Con AAR.




2 weeks after the fact, a quick after action report on Combat Con II.

Unless you live under a rock or are totally removed from the WMA world, you might not know what Combat Con is. Rather than ramble on, I’ll just give the link: Combat Con

This was a seriously fun event…if there is a Combat Con III, you should make plans to attend. I have not heard word on this yet though.

As with most of these multitrack events, It is hard to choose classes and even harder when you are teaching, doing Demo’s and sitting on panels. The only class I took was Maestro Loriega’s Navaja class. It was mainly review for me but review that I sorely needed. It is always a good time training with James and it is even better to see that I am still on the right track with my navaja work.

A rundown of the classes I taught or co-taught.

Co taught with James Loriega and Stephen Fick…Using everyday items as weapons. Stephen started us out with an interesting take on using found items on a plane and defending yourself with them. I followed with a simple system of figure 8’s that can be used with any item, be it rigid or flexible. This was based off my Cossack saber and RMA training with Randal Gustitis. Mishael Lopex Cardoza joined us for a few minutes demonstrating using a simple credit card as a weapon…very eye opening! James Loriega ended the class with a lecture and bit of scenario work putting the class participants into groups and having the devise certain exit strategies. Very fun class.

Co taught with Mishael Lopes Cardoza and John Lennox…surviving a cantina fight. Very crowed class but great fun as well. This the first time I ever worked with John Lennox after knowing him for over 13 years, so it was about time. Lots of scenario work against multiple opponents…always a low percentage outcome but worth training for. I was able to put some of the RAF multiple opponent fisticuff actions into play.

I Was asked upon my arrival if I would fill in and do the Savate Danse De Rue class…of course i would! More of a Boxe Francaise class but with zero prep work I did my best. Of course, Ron Balicki who actually fought for the North American Championship attended the class…no pressure at all:) The class, despite my totaly lack of prep and having some one 50 times more qualified to teach it as a student, went well.

My next class was “The footpad and the cane” This was probably my favorite class of the weekend to teach. Good sized group of shillelagh swingers always makes me happy. One hour was not nearly long enough but I think I was able to get the point of the simple style across decently.

Next up I taught Catch as Catch Can wrestling…I was supposed to co-teach this which was still a bit odd considering that I am not a catch wrestler. I have done some for sure but an instructor? Nah…anyhow the other instructor had car trouble so I ended up teaching the class myself and calling it Teach as teach can:) We stuck mainly with leg locks since I am fairly familiar with the catch variations on them. Lot’s of grapplers in the class so things went smoothly.


Last class I taught was on Pugilism. An hour is never enough. I could fill that up just with my spoken introduction. Still, I tried to control myself and get down to business as quick as possible. Very fun class. Within minutes I had people hitting hard and moving well..

My sole scheduled Demo coincided witht he navaja class, so I bowed out of it…Tim Ruzicki and Paul Macdonald handled it well. I sat ion one panel with Bob Charron, Tony Wolf and Stephen Fick. An interesting discussion concerning the future of WMA.

So much went on over the three day event that it would take a post much longer than I have the willingness to type out to to describe even a quarter of it. It was an epic weekend and I don’t lightly use the word “epic”. If it happens again, which I hope it will, it should not be missed.


Session 7-15-12

Late as usual…
Just Chris and I on Sunday.
Very hot and humid so it looked to be a good day to work on learning some new things.
2 rounds of shadow boxing warm up.
About a half hour savate kicking combinations, mostly switching from left to right or right to left…stringing attacks together.
We then worked on some entries against the jab and a few offensive entires as well. First the drawing step, drawing a strong committed jab from an opponent using your footwork. Very subtle and hard to put into words but not so hard to do against an unsuspecting opponent. We worked on getting under the jab with a  quick body lock and belly to back suplex, dropping him right in front of you face down rather than a big throw. We also worked following the jab back to clinch and getting a reaction from a feinted overhand to clinch.
We ended the session with the navaja, working the simple right to left diagonal downward cut to the face. Building up the power for the slight motion of this cut is a little tricky but once understood, the cut becomes powerful. Lastly we worked the navaja in conjunction with the faja or sash. Working three avenues of attack.
Just trying to get back to normal after the great time had at Combat Con this year.

Session 7-1-12

Just Matt and I today…brutal hot in our training hall!
Would have considered just skipping today but sweating can be fun and we had to talk about Combat Con and travel plans.
2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round pugilism
1 round savate
1 round kickfighting
2 rounds hand to hand (basically all out combat, we do our best not to break our training partners though but everything goes in this one.)
We were pretty well cooked after the h2h but decided to hit the combat glima some since Matt had a nice takedown on me using the glima single leg during our h2h session. We worked on defending the headhold, then going right from defense into the head hold and headhold takedown, both forward and back. We ended out combat glima or lausa tauk with a three fall bout.

We ended the session with some sambo, working on gaining a leg lock from the back in standing position.
I will be seeing some of you in Vegas before the end of the week!