Session 1-13-13

Before I run down this weeks, here is a brief rundown of last week….
Gary David, Jason and i. Basic fisticuffs and navaja including the back cut. Limited sparring and some standing grappling.
On Friday Dave Jennings came out for some remedial fisticuffs as we called it. Just going over the basics and setting up a plan for what he can practice at home alone to get better.
Sunday the 13th…
Chris, David, Gary, Jason and I.
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing
3 rounds kickfighting
3 rounds savate/kickboxing…no gear, just work on placement and timing
3 rounds body punching
Work on covering…2 basic covers and to advanced…the Philly shell and frame from combat sambo.
We then worked some more standing grappling and ended up on the mat for a few chokes.
We ended the session with the navaja, working the jiro, contra jiro and recortes as well as a few other things ending with Chris doing a single bout with each of us.