Session 4-26-09

Right into sambo today 2 rds grip offbalancing work 3 rds freestyle sambo We then went over a bunch of the material we learned at Coach Tripp’s sambo workshop we attended last weekend. I am always amazed at how much I don’t remember…we did manage to remember some material though just would like 100% retention! We stayed Russian and worked Russian style punching and power generation for about 20 minutes and topped it off with 2 rds of sparring. Really did not go very long in this session, too much sun the day before for everyone involved. I have been hitting the solo training pretty hard last week and this week as well so far. Lots of kettlebell and ROM work plus many many rds of shadow boxing and shadow grappling as well as working several different weapons into the mix.

Seminar review Mark Tripp Sambo on 4-18-09

Three of us from here in Ohio went to day 1 of Coach Tripp’s workshop. Like the last two I have been to, this one was great and I got a whole lot out of it. 

Plenty of review from the last seminar in Feb which is fine with me because there were a few things I forgot or just didn’t have that good of a handle on that I definitely understood when we left yesterday. We hit some new material as well…all good stuff!

Not a bad turnout either…not quite as good as last time but much better than the first. I hope this warrants him coming out again in a few months. I only wish we could have made it to day two but my Sunday got booked up before I knew what hit me.


Session 4-12-09

Pretty busy week for me here.

On Tuesday I had Dave Doyle come out for about three hours to trade some sambo for wrestling…we ended up doing mainly sambo but I did get a bit of wrestling info outta him. I am still sporting a few bruises.

Friday Matt came out for a pretty rough session:

2 rds grip work

3 rds freestyle sambo

2 rds combat sambo

2 rds fisticuffs (Russian style boxing)

We then broke out the big axes and worked through some of George Silvers advice on fighting with like weaponry.

Sunday, just Justin and I…

2 rds shadow boxing

2 rds boxing

2 rds footwork

2 rds freestyle sambo

2 rds par terre

2 short rds of starting from cross body position.

We messed around with some weapons but mostly just talked about them rather than really getting into anything. Saturday I really over did it with the kettlebell training and my legs were shot so we ended a bit early. I did realize on Saturday that a real hard leg work out should not be followed by a rubber legged climb down the ladder from the LOD.

Session 4-5-09

Just Matt and I today….

2 rds shadow boxing 2 rds sparring Russian style fisticuffs We then went over a few defensive and offensive concepts from fisticuffs…..very strange but functional. Using methods 1,2 and 3 for dealing with incoming blows, setting up both punches and elbow strikes from our own parried punches. We also went over one unarmed defense against a stick attack.

Onto sambo…. 1 rd grip work 3 rds freestyle sambo 1 rd combat sambo

We were very Russian up until we pulled out the big axes and worked on a very neglected subject…Irish sparth axe based on George Silver mostly. We went over our basic stance work and practices some cuts and thrusts using the large axe. Has the sparth axe fire been rekindled…maybe it was alot of fun to pick the big axes up again.


We ended the session by going Russian again and heading out to the wooded area behind the LOD for some work at close ranging throwing of the e-tool. Basic knife range throwing of this fearsome little beast is devastating and it sticks nearly everytime and in the least rips out huge pieces of wood. I will have to get a clip of this up soon.