Session 4-28-13

Chris, David, Gary, Jason and I today.
Started out with just Chris and I for about a half hour. I fed focus gloves for most of that time. Been more than a little sick over the past week. Was pretty much out of gas when the others showed up.
2 rounds shadow boxing for warm up.
After a discussing of injuries we went over the range of motion exercises from head to toe followed by the bio-energy exercises for power generation in Russian style fisticuffs…this consists of figure eight or wave/casting motions if that makes more sense. We hit the pads a bit using these methods and realizing that we were already using some of these methods.
We worked a combo straigh lead, straight rear with a step to the outside followed by a rear leg fouette, the step was the important part here, getting you out of the way of incoming punches while allowing you to land your kick with a little more distance and safety.
Gary and David had a nice brotherly round of boxing then Chris did a round with each of them.

Session 4-7-13

David, Gary, Jason and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing

2 rounds boxing

2 rounds sparring with kicks added in…a little lighter working on the concepts of kicking your way in or kicking your way out.

Kentucky State Sambo Championships next weekend so we worked on sambo for about an hour.

After the sambo we loaded up the mats and headed to a local church where it was a “guys night out” some grappling for self defense was the fun topic this time around.

Perhaps 10 overly energetic young men took part. It wa shard to count them since some of them were in constant motion but we had a good time anyway. Taught some basic throws and a few less dangerous submissions. I have a feeling I will be hearing about some leglocking school hijinks very soon.

Once the KY sambo event is over, we will not have another event until next fall so our focus will be changing some. Most definitely more weapon work with the better weather.