NEOHEMAS session 7-28-13

Chris, Cody, David, Gary, Jason and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds dog fight, everyone vs everyone, free for all boxing only.
4 rounds sparring straight punches only
2 rounds footwork
About 20 minutes work on Fitzsimmons shift working several variation using the basic concept…we even transposed the idea over to navaja work.
Chris then took us through some really great groundwork, mostly escaping from the bottom. After the escapes we did a massive amount of live rolling, well Gary did a massive amount of live rolling. He went through all of us at least once and sometimes twice. Getting ready for Sambo Nationals Aug 17th.
On a personal note…on Monday my 400th child was born. I finally managed to make a boy…Angus Cormac Pfrenger 7lbs 4 oz…my plan is to make him a total death machine by age 5. I expect many phone calls from his kindergarten teacher.

NEOHEMAS training session 7-21-13

On Wed, David, Gary and I had a super humid training session.

2 rounds shadow boxing
sweat was pouring so I decided it was a better day for training technique than rolling and boxing.
My plan was to cover 7 leglocks but that extended into 9, then 12 and then eventually 15. After we went through them and how to get into them I remembered 3 more that I had missed but since by that time everyones ankles and legs were sore, I was merciful and saved them for another day.
On Sunday, Chris, Cody, Gary, and I…
1 rounds shadow box
1 rounds shadow box, only straight punches.
1 rounds focus gloves straight lead and rear in 2 or 3 punch combinations only.
1 round boxing, straight lead only, to the head and the body
2 rounds boxing straight lead and straight rear, heady and body only.
Only 1 nose was bloodied:)
As you can see we had a focus on straights this wee and plan on doing the same next week.
We then did a quick review of some of the leglocks and a few other concepts of ground work. Chris then took Cody and Gary each through two 5 minutes rounds of rolling live. We finished with some defensive work against kicks.

NEOHEMAS session 7-14-13

Wednesday we had a session, David, Gary, Jason and I…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
2 rounds savate
2 rounds body blows only
On with the jackets for sambo…
2 rounds grip work
2 rounds sport sambo
2 rounds par terre.
We ended the session with some work using the Regimental broadsword going through the Manual exercise and the 1 exercise of Angelo’s.
Today it was just Chris and I…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
1 rounds savate
1 round focus mitts
We then went over a few concepts on the ground, crossbody position striking into a v- armlock or top wristlock (Americana for JJ folks). We then went over another set up from crossbody position to arm arm in choke.
We ended the session with some Spanish knife, a quick review a few ruses and some jiro, contra jiro and recortes work. We also did some knife vs empty hand and empty hand vs knife and finished with knife vs stick.
I am fairly well beat up but in a good way:) Finally got some weapon work in this week which always makes me happy.

NEOHEMAS Session 7-7-13

First off…last Tuesday we had a short session with Chris, Gary, Jason and I. Shadowboxing, focus mitts and prep for the Sambo nationals in August.

Sunday, full house…Chris, David, Cody (new guy), Gary, Jason, Matt and I.
Started with 2 rounds of shadow boxing followed by some work with the focus pads including the new guy and I going off to the side to work on some simple beginning boxing, very athletic young man, picks up well. We then geared up for some boxing. Some real good stuff with Chris giving everyone more than enough trouble as usual. Chris and I ended the sparring session with a very hard round of kickboxing/savate.
We then went right into some sambo with work on the floating throw and the drop shoulder not the seoi nage from judo but a different one from the 50/50 tie up position. Chris then put everyone through a very hard ground workout, lots of shots, throws and live rolling.
Again no weapon work. Time just flies and to be honest the empty hand stuff is more important to us as a group. Our 2 hour session has already evolved into a 3 hour one. Just need to find the time to fit things in.

Training Session 6-30-13

Chris, Gary, Jason and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
Broke out the focus mitts for some work on Russian style fisticuffs. Lead hook followed by a lead back handed blow (backfist or hammer, I prefer hammer) followed by a rear hook. Very fast three punch combo. Nothing new for us but found a nice way to feed it with the mitts so a nice addition. You can see clips of this on our Facebook page:
On with the jackets for some sambo…
Our throw for today…the sambo floating throw. A lot like Osoto gari or an outside sweep but a little more aggressive and higher percentage imo but we will see how it works out in the future.
Chris then took us through an armbar set up and a few chokes. I played choke dummy for this portion and to be honest my throat feels pretty wretched today…adams apple is sore and swollen but hey, I knew what I was getting myself into:)
We ended the session with Gary and Chris rolling live.
As usual I wanted to do some weapon work but ran out of time. I need to squeeze some in next week for sure.