NEOHEMAS Session 12-22-13

Chris and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves
3 rounds 3 count cadence drill
Chris has a fight coming up in Feb, so we are really hitting the boxing quite hard, pun intended. Our focus this week was on distance and closing off lines via different attitudes (boxing stances). We started with Mendoza’s guard making sure we had a good inclining upper body and square stance making sure to give a false sense of distance. We then jumped right into Carpentiers stance which was very much like Joe Louis’s…this particular attitude is very good at shutting down a mirror imaged fighter. Since Chris is a leftie, it is always a good thing to have another thing up the proverbial sleeve.
We pulled out the navaja and took a look at some of the concepts of distance came into play and worked a few ideas into the boxing.
At around 1 1/2 hours it was a shortt session but very very productive.
Merry Christmas!

NEOHEMAS session 12=8=13

Just Chris and I today. I was suffering form a case of swimmers ear so I needed to take a bit easier than I liked and I absolutely could not get hit in the ear:)

We started out with some spear today (easy on the ear) reviewing Fiore’s material once again and some other stuff as well.

2 rounds shadow boxing
30 minutes of working on the inside and outside triple from boxing since Greg Hall was kind enough to remind me of this.
We then worked on a kick from Russian Stormfighting…a foutte thrown from the ground. Even though it seems to move pretty slow, it packed a lot of power. We ended the session with a little bit of clinch work and grappling off of the wall.
My wife made me pour apple cider vinegar in my ear after training and believe it or not by morning my ear was almost pain free. Apparently the vinegar kills the bacteria???? Who knew?