Russian Army Fight!

A great highlight clip of some Russian combat. Lots of great throws that are more sambo related than the normal wrestling takedowns seen in mma.  Plus a nifty Nightwish song for a soundtrack…


I’ve added a library page for manuals, essays, etc…Nothing new there now, just some of the pieces from the old Geocities site for now. You may not have seen some of this for a while though so why not check out what I put up so far? Serbian wrestling, Parkyns, Wylde and Woodmans Pal.

Rules for Irish Collar & Elbow wrestling


Dufur Rules per “The Magnificent Scufflers”:
1. Opening box stance(Shown as left hand at collar, right at elbow.
Falls inline with traditional backhold grips but am not sure if the left
to the collar was mandatory. in other celtic styles I believe the grip
was chosen by some type of coin toss of the equiv…anyhow if anyone
has an opinion…share it:-))

2. Ref is to only be considered the senior judge. Each contestant will
supply a matt judge of their own. These matt judges will speak
officially for the wrestler and will vote on rest periods and time outs.
Follwing a fall the Ref can call a time out from five to ten
minutes…otherwise the match was continuous depending on the number of
falls the contestants were wrestling for.

3. To gain a fall the wrestler must be pinned on four or three
points(Four points is the earlier method) for five seconds. Rolling
falls do not count. Matches commonly were fought for three falls

4. Contestants must be in bare or stockinged feet, or wearing slippers
made of felt or soft leather.(I imagine modern wrestling or sambo shoes
would fit the bill as well)

5. Contestants should wear tight fitting jackets with strongly sewn
seams(Gouren roched are perfect for this but I imagine a judo top could
be altered for competition)

6. Use of grease or any other kind of lubricant to slicken the skin is

7. Fouls..Kicking, biting, butting and scratching, strangle holds, use
of the hand to bar breathing or obstruct vision. Fouling can result in
the loss of a fall or the entire bout.



C&E rules As per The Science of Wrestling 1930:

Collar and Elbow Rules 

Contestants must wear shirt, short jacket with a strong collar, sleeves well sewed in. 

Contestants shall grasp each other’s collar with right hand, opposite left ear. 

Contestants must not change position of hands on collars until a fall is scored. 

Changing the grip on collar or moving the hand is a foul and loses a fall. 

Two shoulders and one hip or two hips and one shoulder must touch the floor at the same time to constitute a fall. 

Kicking is a foul. 

Butting is a foul. 

Contestants shall not be allowed to rest during bout unless special circumstances arise, when agreement by seconds of both men is necessary to make the pause rulable. Rubber-soled shoes, or shoes of some other light material should be worn.

For more discussion on this old style of grappling please visit the C&E list on yahoo.