Session 4-25-10

Just as we were getting started today we got hit with a pretty dramatic hail storm. There were still hail stones in the yard four hours later.

2 rounds shadow boxing

2 rounds boxing

1 round heavy bag

1 round freestyle footwork

2 rounds partnered footwork drill

Next up we spent about a half an hour working on our coup de pied bas kick from savate. We worked it as an entry and a double attack against an opponent wearing a heavy shin pad so we could blast it in there. We ended working it as an entry to gain our next attack which we left up to the individual to work on…sometimes it was a kick, sometimes a punch.

We then worked some on kicking combinations for skill development and conditioning on the heavy bag. Basic right left right fouette with sidesteps then straight lead, straight rear followed by either a rear or lead leg fouette.

We did a little work on our ground grappling game finishing up with a review of proper mechanics for the single leg takedown and drilled that for a while.

We ended the session going back to boxing for a moment and discussing the stance used by Carpentier…a little more crouched and offset than how any of us fight but a worthy addition to our list of attitudes to fight from.

I had really wanted to get outside and do some weapon work but the weather foiled us agin this week…maybe next.

Session 4-18-10

Just Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing

5 rounds boxing

1 round heavy bag

1 round freestyle footwork

2 rounds partnered foot work drills

We then threw on our Kurtka’s… 2 short rounds of off balance/grip work 3 rounds of standing only combat sambo working on dirty boxing/hitting and holding, striking from the clinch. Like last week we used the rule that we could only strike if we kept one hand on the other guy. This is an awful lot of fun but fairly brutal and extremely tiring but well worth it.

We ended the session with some defensive knife work..working on a few disarms and grapples…mostly desperation type of moves in a free flowing setting rather than set techniques. We kept the principle of getting both of our hands on the knife arm before doing much else.

Session 4-11-10

Justin and I today…
2 rounds of shadow boxing
5 rounds of boxing
1 round heavy bag
1 round floor bag
2 rounds of footwork
We threw our jackets on to work some combat sambo…mostly standing grappling and keeping a grip while striking. We started out with 4 short rounds of grip/off-balance work.
We followed that with 3 rounds of grip-fighting…basically we started the rounds by taking a grip and we were not allowed to strike unless we kept one hand on our opponent. This is definitely a keeper. I really enjoyed this and it let us work hard while still maintaining control.
This gave us a solid 1 1/2 hours of training and we ended it there. Very nice workout today even if we cut it shorter than usual.
On Saturday Eric Blackburn,one of the guys I met at the RV weekend last year, came out and brought his friend Joe (who’s last name i never caught) from near the Pittsburgh area. We played a bit with the kettle bells and I joined in on there usual practice of knife work and sword and buckler/dagger which seems to be a cross between I.33 and Espada y Daga…a whole lot of fun but not my usual gig. We did finish up with some e-tool work though which is always fun. It is a great feeling to introduce people to the joys of shovel combatives!