Session 11/22/09

We started off with about 30 minutes of German longsword today. Mostly working the zornhau into the bind and what to do afterwards.

2 rds shadow boxing

After the shadow boxing we worked a two punch combination for long range using the casting method for power generation. First a long range jab without a step but with a cast and shoulder whirl action and a diagonal thumb down fist alignment followed by a long straight rear with a casting movement and a diagonal thumb down alignment. Wicked power on this combination. After getting the mechanics down we hit the heavy bag with it a few times then moved to the focus gloves to practice.

2 rds boxing

We then went into some counter clinch and grab work, mostly against the Thai plum grip but also one handed grips and grips are the arms. Main theme was to get them off balance even if you have to absorb some damage before being able to do so.

We ended the session with some entrenching tool work. Some empty hand defense against the shovel first(main idea, get a hand or hands on their shovel), followed by some work against a knife thrust both single handed defense and double handed grip defense.

Then we talked about liquor for roughly 30 minutes and called it a day.

Funny, if we don’t grapple, or do a huge number of rounds sparring, I don’t feel like I got a real good workout regardless of what we do. Sore shoulder sort of made no grappling be the rule of the day but hopefully that will not last much longer. After Mark Tripp seminar on Dec 5th I plan on going to the DR and getting checked out.

Mark Tripp Dec 5th Findlay Ohio Sambo/Judo/MMA

Copied from Bullshido:

December 5th 1PM to 5PM
Findlay YMCA East Branch
1400 Manor Hill Road
Findlay, Ohio 45840

I hope we get a great turn out

Clinic Cost:

$30.00 if you send me a E mail before November 30th stating you are coming. I will need a list of people names that will be attending.

$50.00 after November 30th , If I dont have your name on my e Mail List

Send E mail to:

Mark Hunter, Rokudan
Ameri-Kan Judo CEO

Session 11-14&15-09

Saturday found me in Mechanicsville Maryland at Tim Anderson’s “Maryland Martial Arts”. I gave a 5 hour seminar to their fight team on leg locks, takedowns and takedowns into submissions from sambo. We also worked some casting punches for brutal ground and pound. We also touched a bit on savate since there was some interest in seeing just what it was like. A very good time was had by all, I hope, and I look forward to going back down in a few months to do it again.

Sundays session:
2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds boxing
1 rd floor GnP bag
2 rds footwork

We then broke out the longsword trainers and went over some basics and a few plays of Durchlaufen…not something we are heavily focusing on but a fun diversion from the constant punching and twisting of limbs. It is still great training but the variety is welcome.

We ended the session with some more entrenching tool work. Basically covering what we did last week and getting more comfortable with it. We worked lopatka vs knife a bit more this time around, getting used to intercepting the knife with the flat of the shovel rather than the edge. The edge is definitely more deadly but the flat of the shovel offers a much greater chance of successfully defending oneself against the attack that IMO it is vastly
superior. I will have to try and get a few clips of this filmed to share.

Session 11-8-09

Only Justin and I today…

2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds focused boxing sparring
1 rds heavy bag
1 rd GnP floor bag
1 rds focus gloves

Next up…grappling/sambo
We went without jackets today and had a major focus on getting the toehold correct since I have some sort of mental block about it when rolling. We also did a two foot sweeps as well as two leg hook takedowns into kneebars.

Last up…e-tool or as the Russians call it ‘lopatka’ which is infinitely more fun to say that shovel. We worked the lopatka against some unarmed attacks, punches and kicks. We also worked some lopatka vs knife and lopatka vs lopatka. Even with a mighty dull edge and then taped I still got a cut on my hand. Nothing major but blood sells.

On a totally unrelated note…really enjoyed watching Fedor Emelianenko vs Brett Rogers on Strikeforce this weekend. ¬†Good fights tend to get me fired up for training I think. Good thing we train on Sunday and most events are held on Saturday night.


11-1-09 Session

Only Justin and I today…
2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds boxing sparring
1 rd savate sparring
1 rds heavy bag
1 rd GnP floor bag
1 rd focus mitts

We threw on our jackets next…
2 rds grip/off-balance work
2 rds gentle freestyle sambo (my shoulder is still screwed so Justin once again took it real easy with me.)
3 rds par terre (ground work) At least for this we were able to go pretty much full out, things move so much slower once the fight hits the ground. It looks like until my shoulder is up to snuff that we will be hitting on the ground work pretty hard.

I had some grand designs on doing some e-tool work but daylight savings time threw me for a loop and it got darker and hour earlier…and I forgot to put a light in our training area so we called it about 15 mins early.