NEOHEMAS Session 3-22-15


Just Chris and I today…
Started off like last time working through some knife material using a board as a pell.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves
6 rounds three count cadence drill – 3 variations used.

We then did a little work on forearm guards in boxing, even going back to ancient Greek and Roman pugilism for a nice variation on the theme with some speculative work from the basic fighting stance.

We ended the session working with the kippen, the shorter brother of the shillelagh. We adapted the footpad and cane material to use with the shorter stick, only a few modifications needed to make it work like a charm. We also did some work using double kippens and Chris had a take on it that I had not done before, just a small change in the angle of striking that made it flow so much better than how I was doing it.

NEOHEMAS Session 3-8-15

Just Chris and I today….lots of plans did not seem to get to many of them though, sort of changed focus after we got rolling.

Started a bit different today working some cutting exercises with the navaja and stilleto on a wooden board using a few different types of knife both trainer and live edges. We used this clip of Italian knife training and our base and expanded with the Spanish techniques:

We used a 1×6 board and the knife would stick of the angle was not perfect, it did not take long to correct some hidden problems with our technique.

2 rounds of shadow boxing
2 rounds focus mitts
8 rounds of three count cadence drill with boxing and savate. Our focus was on timing our counters, this drill is great for doing just that. We also worked in mirror stances and with mixed technique. We ended our striking with some work on the pivot blow, setting it up and finding the range with a lead hook. Goal to hit only the jaw with a hammer fist and spin the head every time. I think we made some good progress.

Then onto the mats for some work on much neglected grappling, focus heel hooks and calf crunchers and keeping your opponent tied up and unable to use his other leg to defend.

We finished the session with a review of the knife material we started with.