NEOHEMAS Session 3-6-16

Just a new guy Orion and myself today. This young man made a brutal long drive to visit, some dedication.

Orion’s main interest is Medieval German longsword and related arts so I picked my aging brain and came up with a decent lesson on messer for him based mainly on the Glasgow Fechtbuch and Talhoffer.
1 1/2 hours later I think he had some good material to take him and work on. Will definitely be working more with this, been neglecting this for some time.

NEOHEMAS Session 2-21-16

Cain, Chris and I today…

Today our focus was on being elusive in our striking game, not
standing in front of our opponents, toe to toe was not on the menu
after the third round of boxing training.

2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round boxing sparring standard footwork
4 rounds  one side attacks, one side defends only boxing using very
active footwork as the main means of defense
2 rounds focus glove drills of hitting on the move
2 rounds of sidestepping and slingshot stepping attacks, again with
massively active footwork.\
1 round boxing sparring again with everything we had worked on thrown in.

By the end of our striking session guys were getting hit less and
moving around considerably more. Internalizing the movement and
hitting on the move will take a bit of work but likely worth it in the
long run.

Next up some grappling, Cain is fairly new to this so we have been
doing some simple stand up grappling, a few take downs and flowing
from hold to hold to start and get a good feel for the material.

We grabbed out training knives for some navaja and general knife work.
Staring with defending against a midline thrust to some spirited
bouting at the end of our session.


NEOHEMAS Session 1-31-16

Cain, Chris and I today…unseasonably warm today but no complaints.

2 rounds shadow boxing

2 rounds 3 count cadence drill

2 rounds Dutch drill

2 rounds wall drill

3 rounds focus gloves

Review of shovel hook mechanics and when to use them…shovel hooks to the body and head. Always a favorite topic of mine, so pretty happy when someone brings it up in a training session. We also worked dealing with hooks with both a shoulder stop>>strikes and Russian Method 3>>strikes.

We ended our striking with some more work on Greek and Roman pugilism. This was Cain’s first look at ancient boxing so we went over basic stance and strikes. We continued working on a few simple combinations and countering a single leg by passing back and hammerfisting to the back or side of the head.


Last up was going over the complete Lamb method for police baton. We covered the Long Step Back and all 7 Phases along with a quick review of our own short stick striking method.



NEOHEMAS Session 1-10-16

Chris and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
2 rounds focus
1 round three count cadence drill
1 round 3 count return drill
2 rounds paired footwork drills

From there we went over our shifts: Dempsey, Ketchell, Fitzsimmons and lastly the Miske Twist which can either be a shift or not depending on stance.


We finished the session with more work on the kippen or short cudgel/truncheon. We went over all of the Lamb Manual for Police Baton, also went over the adapted material from Footpad and Cane as well as Pearson’s stick. We rounded it all out with just a little bit of Regimental Highland Broadsword thrown into the mix.

NEOHEMAS Session 1-2-16

Just Chris and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves
2 rounds 3 count cadence drill
2 rounds three count combo drill
2 rounds paired footwork drill

We then went right into working with the short Irish stick, the kippen. We went through the adapted material from The Footpad and Cane then went right into some interesting Police baton material sent to me by Ralph Grasso, the Lamb Method.


We ended the session going over Pearsons method. For those unfamiliar:
We also worked a little on adapting this material to the short stick.

NEOHEMAS Session 12-20-15

Chris, Jeff, Mason and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves
2 rounds 3 count cadence drill
4 rounds of sparring

The above is what Chris and Jeff did, mason is new so I took him aside and got him going with some basic boxing materiall which he picked up on very fast.

We then placed out focus on dealing witht he straight rear punch, first with a shoulder roll then with the Russsian fisticuffs anvil drill and finally going fully into Mendoza’s guard with a chopper follow up. We ended our striking session with the concepts of Trinity strikes from Russian martial art with this combination, straight lead>collapse arm into elbow strike.extend are into hammer fist strikes. 3 strikes on the same motion with the same arm. Getting the mechanics down for power generation for this is always a challenge but after a few minutes it all fell into place.


We ended the session with some weapon work, reviewing Tim ANdersons knife cut pattern and looking into the hanging guard with thhe broadsword and comparing that to the Mendoza’s guard that we had been doing earlier in the session.


NEOHEMAS Session 12-13-15

Cain and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
6 rounds focus gloves
2 rounds 3 count combination drill

Lots of progress being made in both hittinga nd feedingt he gloves plus some nice progress in correct body mechanics. Cain is a big guy, once all his ducks are in a row he will be a real hard hitter.

Next up we worked some simple joint locks with our main focus this time around settling on the top wrist lock while standing, we ventured off into a few others but kept hittingt he top. We also worked on arm drags and three ways to get into them.

We ended the session with some Russian movement drills, always fun but probably best done when fresh. We did some Cossack squats, Russian style somersault/ground engagement and movement. Just a taster really but some stuff to work on next time for sure.