Session 11-9-08

Three of us today…nice and chilly! Our indoor temp read 40 F.

2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds savate
1 rd speed bag
1 rd freestyle footwork
1 rd bob and weave line training with a rope

Onto sambo….
1 rds ground engagements
2 rds grip work
2 rds freestyle sambo

med ball crunch tosses
med ball sprawl tosses
swings with kettle bell
clean and jerk with kettle bell
Turkish get up

We then took out our navaja trainers and reviewed some much neglected material. We focused mainly on methods of attack and ended with a drill stringing jiro’s together.

We ended the session with some work using the entrenching tool. We discussed the various grips available then did some work against an attacker using a saber with the e-tool user employing a med grip in the enter of the handle and using the butt end of the handle to wind over to trap the blade.

Sambo Seminar With Mark Tripp and a stop at Atomic Athletic

This past sat Nov 1st, Sambo expert Mark Tripp ran a three hour sambo clinic in Findlay Ohio. About 3 1/2 hours to the west of us here in Kinsman.

1st hour: sambo basics and sport sambo. Grip work with some submissions and take downs.

2nd hour: combat sambo, some striking as well as building on what we did in the 1st hour.

3rd hour: military combative sambo

Very good seminar, I saw a number of things done differently and better than I do them. Nothing really new but some definite tweaks will be made to how I will do things….did I say tweaks, more like some things need overhauled:) I joked at the begining of the seminar seeing we were the only guys who had Kurtkas on…I said don’t be fooled by the proper equipment, we still suck….he replied that it was ok to suck at the begining of the seminar but that we not allowed to do so by the end….honestly, he came through and I know personally by the end of the 3 hours that my sambo had improved…it may just be that I suck less now.

The cost of this seminar was only $25, a great deal considering the amount of material covered and the quality of instruction. It is clear that Mark has been at this a very long time. His teaching style was very friendly and easy going…for me it made it very easy to learn. Low turnout though with only 8 people showing up. If I had known about this earlier I could have brought a few more people with me but as it stood I only had a little over a week to prepare and it was just too short notice for all but Matt and I, most likely because we lack real lives.

Hopefully this low turnout will not make them give up the idea of having him down again. I know I will make the trip again if I hear of another clinic.

While we were already heading west we decided to stop off at the Atomic Athletic showroom and warehouse in Bowling Green Ohio. Lots of interesting toys to play with, stone padlocks, stone rings, huge monkey fist knots, kettlebells etc…..very cool place and the owner was more than happy to take us on a tour and demonstrate just about everything and let us try it all out. I picked up a 35 lb solid kettlebell to hurt myself with while Matt picked up a Bull-Moose bar for lifting.