17 count attack

In this clip I show our basic 17 count strike pattern. This is not all of our attacking methods but close to it.  Take thses 17 attacks and mix them around to  create your own combinations of attack.

At the end I follow up with a few simple flourishes. it is important to be able to flow without thought into the various attack and defensive moves…working the flourish will help with this.

Figure 8’s

This is a little drill I have borrowed from my Russian Martial Art friends. Basically I run through several figure 8 patterns with the bata. There are a few but for this introduction I have only done 4:

1. Side to side downward

2. Side to side upwards

3. Top to bottom starting on the right

4. Top to bottom started on the left

I will usually do this drill with both hands.

2 Responses

  1. WOW! finally some online stuff about training with a bata.
    THANK YOU! just what i’ve been looking for; Australia is a long way away from Nth America and Ireland so i’ve been scouring the net for anything to help me train.

    While i acknowledge that it is very much a lesser substitute for training under an instructor personally, due to many years of martial arts training in several styles i can at least hope to develop some understanding and skill base.

    Thanks again

    • Hi Cris,
      Glad to hear you are finding the site useful.
      Gives me incentive to post more!

      I do believe you can get a good grip on this material
      Alone provided you already have some

      Best of luck and if you have any questions,
      Shoot em my way.

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