Session 3-19-09

2 Rds shadow boxing
2 rds sparring pugilism and savate
1 rd GnP bag
2 rds footwork/conditioning

We threw on our jackets for some sambo and had someone show up late
and join, this was his first taste of grappling…
3 rds off balancing
2 rds free style sambo…in my match with Justin I found myself
horrified at the flexibility of his legs…honestly it grossed me out
a little:)
1 rd par terre

We went over some basic takedowns with the new guy (not really new,
just have not seen him in a while), sambo single, back trip, old man
throw and bokovoy. He did fine but was pretty uncomfortable at times I

We grabbed the kettlebell and went over a few basic
concepts….including the always brutal Turkish get up which was
easier than ever for me, felt pretty good.

We ended the session with some single stick bouting and worked the
part timer into the mix since it is something he did some time ago.
Justin also gave him a refresher course in what he should be doing.

Over all a good class but new people always slow the flow down a
little bit but it is worth it in the long run. Hopefully he continues
to come out…I plied him with beer after class so hopefully the combo
of violence and alcohol works it’s magic.

Session 3-22-09

3 rds shadow boxing

2 rds sparring/boxing/savate
1 rd GnP bag
Sambo up next…
2 rds grip/offbalancing 
1 rd ground engagement
2 rds freestyle sambo
2 rds par terre (ground work…now why Russians choose to use a French term???I know there is a connection but not sure how it fits in with sambo)
We worked on gaining the armbar from the mount or saddle position, including how to drill it on the floor bag.
We spent about 15 minutes messing with the e-tools. Chopping into the beams of the LOD with them, first a chop to the head that gets blocked then a follow up to the groin….god I love these funky little shovels of death!
It was so nice out that we decided to go outside and do some JdP. I only recieved one nasty welt this time around:) 
Once done with that we played with the mountain axes for a while, going over four ways to deal with an attack (not the only four!).
Then did some bouting that we caught on video.

Session 3-15-09

2 rds shadow boxing

2 rds sparring boxing and savate

1 rd floor bag GnP

2 rds footwork/conditioning

We then went through a simple drill from savate…..A throws a mid line rear leg chasse while B sidesteps and follows up with a mid to high line rear fouette. We made a short clip of this drill:

We then did some work with catching kicks, shelf catch, under the arm catch, bracing after catching, some ways out of the caught kick…we ended the catches with a double arm catch that I was taught in my initial savate studies years ago and have seen in Combat Sambo since….from this catch we force the action to the ground and did an achilles crush that switched to a half crab from wrestling. We also worked abit more on ankle locks and the difference between them and crushes and did a bit of leglock dueling with a roll for the win.

We ended the session with some single stick matches…..I got a very nice welt on the back of my neck. Definitely the worst hit I have ever taken doing single stick. Without a doubt if we had had swords my head would have rolled! Sorry no video of that one!

Here is a bonus clip of Justin tossing Matt last week…enjoy:

Session 3-8-09

Nice and warm in the LOD today just over 50F.

2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds sparring savate and boxing
1 rd footwork

We worked through two combination drills from savate
1 block fouette with parade and return a march croise chasse
2 move outside when they throw chasse bas and counter kick to their rear leg using a fouette.

Onto sambo….1 rd grip work then we worked through three different throws, a low podvhat from a cross lapel grab, a low podvhat from a whizzer grip and the Georgian hip throw. Matt and Justin then did a freestyle sambo bout…I sat out this time due to my finger still being messed. We ended the grappling session with some work busting the guard an a wee bit of G’n’P.

Still in a Russian mood we worked for about 15 minutes on the casting method of boxing…a few combinations, some power generation and shadowboxing.

Up next two bouts of single stick for the Broadsword League…Justin made quick work of me…Matt did somewhat better. I’ll be sending the results in shortly.

We ended the session with some navaja from the MdB. We worked a drill for the floretazo..well sort of a combination floretazo/footwork drill. The drill consisted of of us move around each other maintaining distance, once distance was broke we thrust tot he face of our opponent who was allowed to avoid the attack or parry with his offhand. The attacker was allowed to slash a plumada at the parrying hand as well. We round robined this drill.

Dropstep Elbow Video

Here is a short but promised clip showing the drop step as a power generation method for elbows. I apologize for the shakey camera work when the third guys gets to hit the pad…it was me holding the camera and I am far from steady:)

Session 3-1-09

A brutally cold one today for some reason. The indoor temp read to be 30 but the wind seemed to be coming from a slightly different direction than normal and was just ripping though the cracks in the walls. We kept a stack of gloves set on a space heater and swapped our cold ones for warm ones every half hour or so. I decided to give my busted finger a bit more time to recover so we skipped all grappling today. We started with some work with figure 8’s used in the Russian method of casting punches, throwing combinations which included hooks, uppercuts, hammer fists and elbows, Moistly done in the air but with a few select combos done on the focus mitts. We then pulled out the sabers and took a look at how similar some of these combinations were to the Cossack saber drills we had done in the past with Randal Gustitis. Next up…..navaja. We went over the jiro, contra jiro and recortes from the MdB, then did some thrust for thrust drills, cutting the arm and returning the thrust in four variations. We reviewed our adaptation of a Garrote Larense drill for knife play and got fairly dizzy in the process. We even reviewed a cutting patter using the hawk and bowie. We ended the day with some singlestick…after some general work Matt and I had a bout for the broadsword League which he won 5 to 4. And the best part…before we got started we warmed up with some Russian blueberry nalivka.  Make your own…it is incredible! Nothing like starting your session with hard liqueur!