Session 12-26-10

Just Matt and I today….2 rounds of shadow boxing
4 rounds of boxing sparring
1 round savate sparring
2 rounds of freestyle sambo
1 round of par terre

It was a cold one and we wanted to finish up early but also felt the need to hit at least one weapon…we pulled out the messer trainers and went over the short messer section from Talhoffer. Since we are forced indoors due to the lovely weather, this will most likely be our sword work of choice until the weather breaks.

On Thursday afternoon, Matt and I also got together and did basically the same workout sans messer.

Session 12-19-10

Chris, Justin and I today…

Our focus was boxing and savate for this session with pad work, bag work, footwork and plenty of intense sparring. Usually when Chris is in attendance we spar as much as possible, he is by far the best of us in this department. It is only though absolute treachery that I am able to land anything at all on him. He brings all of our games to a different level.

We also worked on some combination punch with the emphasis not on speed but on making the space between punches shorter, seems like speed but it isn’t if that makes any sense.

Roads started getting bad so we ended the session early, but still a solid 1 1/2 hours in.

On Thursday Chris came out and we worked on some strategy for boxing and savate, ring generalship and the like.

Session 12-12-10

Matt and I today…looked like a good day to do nothing but spar/bout.

2 rounds of shadow boxing
4 rounds of boxing
1 round savate
2 rounds freestyle sambo
1 round sambo par terre (ground work)

We broke out the navajas for some work. Our main focus today was the thrust. We worked through a three thrust drill that included both defense and offence. We then went over the mechanics for both the viaje and the matador thrust and worked drills for these. Lastly we worked on our flourish for a few minutes.

1 round shillelagh and bowie versus shillelagh and bowie
1 round navaja dueling
1 round e-tool bout

We then broke out the messer trainers, not quite dusacks, close but more messer-like in form. We went over the basics then had two quick bouts using this fun and indoor friendly weapon.

Session 12-5-10

Brutal tardiness on this report but I still wanted to get it out.

Chris, Justin, Matt and I last Sunday….

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds cadence drill with gear
2 rounds boxing
1 round heavy bag
1 round focus gloves
1 round free style footwork
2 rounds partnered footwork drills

Next up some sambo…no jackets today, we just went over transitions from side control into knee bar. Also from side control we worked on breaking their structure and pinning the arms allowing strikes to get through.

We ended the session with some cane work, mostly Vigny but moving into some shillelagh material as well for closer range.