Solo bata training

On this page we will be going over some solo training with the Irish cudgel. This is something I have had alot of requests for; it’s about time I do something about that.

The question is why solo training? Maybe you have no training partner available, perhaps you just want some extra time in. regardless of the reason you can get alot accomplished with a good short solo training session. This will not erase the need to train with a live human but it can get you started on the right track and remain a good supplement to your training.

For me the biggest obstacle to overcome in solo training is boredom, so I like to do everything in short rounds. I never feel bored or burned out as long as I keep my rounds 2 minutes or under for solo training.

Below are some links for some actual specific things you can train solo. Mind you this is my personal method of training in my personal style of cudgel play. Definitely historically inspired but I make no claims that this is exactly how it was done back in the day.

Now onto the lessons:

Stance and Footwork


Hitting things!

Skill Development

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