Session 3-28-10

We had someone return after some time off so lot’s of refresher material this week…
3 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds sparring
2 rounds partnered footwork drills
We then worked on the simple 1-2 combo…straight lead followed by a straight rear using a drop step for the first punch and a shoulder whirl for the second. Then using the same simple combo we changed out method and power generation to that of Russian casting. We finished up our striking by adding a rear leg fouette after the 1-2 combo, stepping offline to deliver the kick.
Next out came the shillelaghs. We worked on basic attack and defense for about 15 minutes then followed it up with a bit one 1 step sparring. It had been a while for our part timer so this we just a basic refresher course.
We ended the session with some e-tool. We heavily geared up our right arms and stuck a knife in the hand and did multiple real time attacks with the knife…the goal was simple, use our e-tool trainer to stop the incoming knife attack. This is a great drill given the proper safety equipment but even with the gear and the trainer you can still get a sense of the horrific destruction a shovel can dish out on the arm
The part timer stayed by for an extra 30 minutes or so and we did some FMA, one of his main interests for many years.

Session 3-21-10

3 of us today…
Started with 2 rds of shadow boxing then followed up with 4 good rounds of boxing sparring each. We have been really hitting the boxing hard (pun intended) lately. It is easy to let things get left behind but boxing really forms the base for just about everything we do here…I had noticed that it seemed like our fisticuffs were getting stale so nothing better than a refocus to get things moving again.
We spent about 20 minutes defending against kicks, catching and takedowns as well as covering.
Since it was so nice we went outside for some bouting…
We each had 2 bout of Singlestick. First real singlestick of the season so these were not BL bouts…maybe next time now that we have a few practices under out belts.
We finished the day off with JdP…also the first of the season. Just the basics and some light bouting with rattan.
I look forward to being able to take advantage of the nice weather and working on some long weapons for a change. Trapped in a low ceiling training area  has been a downer.

Session 2-14-10

Started out just Matt and I today but Justin rolled in after we were already deep in sparring….
2 rounds shadow boxing
7 rounds boxing sparring
2 rounds savate sparring
2 rounds footwork
We decided to so some more of the Tatar wrestling again this week and each had two bouts.
2 rounds grip offbalance work without jackets.
Our focus was on freestyle/catch wrestling for our grappling session today. We worked on three different set ups for arm drags and some take downs coming from them and the ever pleasant standing side strangle and sometime not standing:)
We ended the session with a long BS/demo session on some of the other arts we have done…karate, wing chun, Shotokan, JJ etc… we even did some chi sao for the fun of it.

Session 3-7-10

Just Matt and I today…
2 rds shadow boxing
10 rds boxing sparring
2 rds freestyle footwork
At this point feeling more than a little warmed up we decided to play some Tatar Kuresh:
We had I think six quick bouts…a nice add on drill for our normal sambo program.
We then broke out the shillelaghs for some back and forth training for a few rounds but honestly after that much boxing our shoulders were pretty shot and holding the stick in the high guard was getting pretty uncomfortable.
Next up mountain axe…we did about a half hours worth of work, going over some basics and working through a play. It has been a while since we got to play with the axes so this was a lot of fun.
We finished the session tossing around the Bulgarian bag and some kettlebells for a few minutes just to make sure I was truly exhausted.

Session 2-28-10

Three of us today…
2 rds shadow boxing
2 rds boxing sparring
2 rds close range boxing sparring…we started very close and as soon as we broke apart we would get close again before starting to box. Tiring but awesome.
On with the Jackets for sambo…
We spent about a half hour going over the Georgian belt grip and several throws from it. This hold is dominant…so much control and so many options once you have it.
We then did four quick rounds of ground work.
We ended the session playing with my new home made Bulgarian style training bag…I can feel the soreness coming on as I sit and type this out.