NEOHEMAS 10-26-14 Session

Jason and I today…
Lot’s of talking today both about martial arts and unrelated topics. We did get around to working with the tomahawk though. Our method owes as much to Russian entrenching tool as it does to any North American tradition. A bit different than what others are doing I suppose.

I took my big marker and drew a segno on the wall which helped out greatly and we discussed several cutting patterns and adding in footwork as well as off hand attacks with a knife.

Nice ot see the light bulb go off over Jason’s head once he connected the segno to his footwork and defensive material. Easy to assume that everyone can visualize something like the segno but it is not always the case, so this was a nice reminder and now it is up in permanent marker.

We ended with a quick discussion and transference of the axe material right over to the entrenching tool, a weapon/tool than has a place in any car traveling in the Ohio winter.



Just Chris and i today…still on track for his K-1 Rules fight in November…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus pads
2 rounds Thai pads
2 rounds boxing
2 rounds kickboxing

We then went over a few things as far as game planning and worked a few specific kicks…lead leg fouette to the outside lowline (opponent is orthodox and stays in that stance. Chris is a southpaw), lead left chasse to the midline.

Since his opponent is a right hander, I have been forcing myself to not switch stances during our sparring rounds, very tough for me to do but worth the effort I think…getting a bit beat up though.

We ended the session with about a half hours work on tomahawk. Chris showed up with a nice Smith&Wesson Extraction and Evasion tactical spike hawk. Really heavy at almost 3 lbs but with a lot of the weight int hhe handle it moves fairly well and does not seem to be too head heavy. I have a few spike hawks as well even though I prefer the safety of not having a spike pointed at me:) We went over drawing methods and grip as well as simple parrying with the flat of the blade and cutting patterns to practice.

Recreational Violence 2014

BJJ Contemplations

As much as I love BJJ, sometimes I need to stratch out and try something else. Thus is was that last weekend I drove to Dayton for Recrational Violence 2014, an all day series of classes for practitioners of Western martial arts.

The instructors were an eclectic bunch. Kirk Lawson studies classic pugilism, Bowie knife, Tomahawk, Bata (Irish stick), Military sabre, Bartitisu, and holds black belts in Judo and Aikido. Ken Pfrenger practices Boxing, Wrestling, Sombo and a variety of historical European stick and knife systems. Randal Gustitis has a martial arts bio long enough to make its own blog post, but his expertise ranges from Eastern arts such as Yang style Taijiquan and Pencak Silat Tanjung Sari to Western arts such as Jogo do Pau do Ilha Terceira and Highland broadsword and a whole bunch of other arts besides. Tim Anderson practices the AMOK! knife system and has a…

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NEOHEMAS Session 10-12-14

Just Chris and I today…

He has a kickboxing fight in mid November so our focus is on boxing, Muay Thai and savate until then. Working on a nice blend of the three. Before I threw myself headlong into the European material, I had a good bit of Thai boxing experience, no reason not to tap into it since knees are legal in this up coming competition.

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus mitts
2 rounds Thai pads
4 rounds kickboxing

We are definitely going for a more savate approach than Thai for this fight. Will be interesting to see how this works out.

Having my fair share of computer problems this past month so extra lazy about training reports. Last weekend Was the first installment of Recreational VIolence I\in Dayton Ohio. We held a one day event at a fine schooled, S.W.O.R.D. Kirk Lawson, Tim Anderson, Randal Gustitis and I took an enthusiastic group through a ful days training in several subjects. Good event overall, looking forward to doing it again.