NEOHEMAS 6-29-14 Session

David, Gary, Jason and I today…

4 rounds shadow boxing
1 round focus gloves
2 rounds boxing sparring
1 round freestyle footwork
We then spent a little time working on unmatched stances circling to the outside and ended our boxing session with the following combo, lead Mexican uppercut, rear Mexican uppercut finishing with a lead hook to the body.
Our sambo trained was all par terre (ground work) today. Some free rolling and counters to chokes as well and some positional work ending with a step over ankle lock from inside the guard.
I have been taking a martial break since Combat Con, felt real nice to jump back into it. Going to try and get David and Gary ready for Sombo Joe Nationals in August, not sure if we have the time to do it but will be trying.

Combat Con 2014

 combat con
Finally rested enough to put some thoughts down about Combat Con this year.
Firstly, I almost didn’t make it this year. We paid off our mortgage and that just about did me in for any extra $$$ for this sort of thing. I was able to make the flight happen and Tim Anderson and Roberto Martinez-Loyo let me crash in their room for a couple of nights. (bed offered but I refused, no way I will let a friend pay for a room and sleep on the floor, besides sometimes sleeping on the floor can do your back some good eh?)
Due to several issues I was only able to attend Sat and Sun, getting there late on Fri evening. I set a strict food budget of $40 and made it through the weekend with $10 to spare and a hungry belly.
Just for the record is someone ever tells you that you cannot walk from the airport to The Riviera…tell them you know someone who did it but never, ever, attempt to do this yourself.
I only got to take one class this year and it was Tim Ruzicki’s Pugilism class which was a great intro for those who attended and a nice review for those who are not new to punching other people about the head neck chest breast area. Very good for me to see someone else’s take on familiar material as well.
Tim’s class lead into my intro to savate class. Now mind you the savate class was the last on my wish list of classes to teach as often there are people better qualified to teach it imo but there I was so I made the best of it. The class was well attended and Tim’s class eliminated a whole lot of what I had to each to get people up and running with some fouette, coup de pied bas, and chasse. The walk from the airport did leave me with some wicked shin splints so even though I thought the class went really well, it was a painful one.
First thing Sun morning was my Irish stick class. This class was the biggest I have ever taught. Tom Badillo lent a hand keeping things organized and rolling and Tom Rockwell had a huge amount of training sticks available for the many that took the class hoping for a loaner stick. With way too much Jagermeister still flowing through my veins from the night before I lead the class through the simple attack and defense methods found in the Foot Pad and Cane article. The last half hour was spent on my own reconstructed style…I am fairly certain that it was one of the largest classes at the Combat Con this year and I am also fairly certain that the folks who took it had a good time.
Directly after that class was my Russian Fisticuff class and that was an absolute blast. We started with some nice ROM exercises then flow drills. Our focus seemed to be on the rounding blow or as the Russians call it the Half round. We then went into a neat battle royal boxing drill with everyone fighting everyone (with control of course) and ended with some rounds of storm fighting which pretty much wiped everyone out. One young man told me it was the most fun he had all weekend.
I got to watch a bit of the longsword tournament before having to head out to the airport. James Klock graciously let this fighter on a tight budget share a cab..interesting it was James who I first saw outside the Riviera on Fri night.
Very very well run event, Tim, Jared and crew did a great job. Very proud to be a part of it. As usual too much to drink, too little sleep and no where near enough time to talk and hang out with the people that have become like family to me over the years. I missed James Loriega’s class on the navaja and Bruno Cruicchi was unable to make it this year…these were my two musts that I did not get but there is always Combat Con 2015.