Session 6-27-10

A run down of the week…

Thursday…Chris and Gov came out and we worked primarily on combination striking, kicks and punches. Started with a one-two combo then built from there. We also worked the three count cadence drill. We ended the session by taking the cadence drill from our striking and applying it with the mountain axe.

Friday, Chris and Gov again but this time we did some test cutting with the various sharp objects I have about my house. 2 liter bottles and milk jugs mostly…though my 7 and 11 year old daughters made quick work of the milk jugs with the boar spear. We ended by massacring two full slabs of pork ribs (freezer burnt). Much harder to cut than the chickens but still very telling.

Gov had to leave for work so Chris and I worked savate combinations for about 45 minutes after we washed the pork gore from our hands.

Sunday…brutally humid and hot.
Only Justin and I…

2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round boxing
1 round savate
1 round focus mitts
1 round cadence drill
2 rounds freestyle foot work

Good day for navaja! We worked mainly on foot work and changing our stances, grips and cambios. This time we also switched from a standard blade forward saber/epee grip to the ice pick grip while circling to deliver the desjarretazo, a thrust into the back/neck/kidney etc…. We also did some work feinting a thrust to the midsection and working off the opponents reaction.

We ended the session with a bit of work on the Buza, traditional fisticuffs from the Novgorod region mixed freely with dance or it is dance…confusing:) We worked the basic buzovka (whirling motion for power generations) then mixed in some of the kicks while still practicing the buzovka.

After all that movement we decided that only beer could quench out mighty thirsts so we sat out side in the garden and drank a nice cold one until the looming thunderstorm caused us to take shelter.

After action report 6th RV weekend.

Another Recreational Violence weekend in the books and a great time it was.

We made the schedule a bit lighter this year since we always get so burnt out by the last class on Sunday. 5 classes on Saturday and 3 on Sunday. We may stick with this format from here on out. Our focus this year was empty hand and knife.


1. Meyers dagger taught by Randal Gustitis…very nice class. Most important, i think we all left this class with something added to our knife defense repertoire.

2 Next up i did a class called Mendoza to Dempsey…basically a run through of my ISMAC class for this year. We took methods form various eras and used them as building blocks to create our own individual styles.

3 Combat knife throwing with Allen Reed…nice class but it gave us all just too good of a glimpse at just how much we all suck at throwing knives!

4 Catch Wrestling with Dan Kanagie, very nice class. I think it opened a few eyes in regards to catch. Very glad I had the mats along with me this year. We needed them!

5 Bowie knife with Kirk Lawson…again a nice class covering the basics and working through a variety of drills. For many in attendance this was their first bowie class. Last minute addition…sort of sprung it on Kirk about 5 days before.


1 Buza, Russian fisticuffs through dance by Randal Gustitis…very interesting a different approach to fistic training. Not combat hidden in dance but combat and dance together. lots of fun!

2 Highland broadsword minus the Broadsword by Chris Thompson. Basic broadsword concepts used unarmed against an armed attacker. This class was an absolute blast! Lots of room for violent self expression…and believe me, I had fun expressing myself.

3 We ended the weekend with Kirks class on test cutting which was about more than just having fun cutting things up…of course it was fun to just cut things up too but we also looked at our own personal methods for delivering cuts on different objects including some squirty chicken carcasses.

All told on Sat we had roughly 20 people participating including the instructors. Poplar Grove has remained a pleasant place to do this every year. We will definitely being staying here for next year.

I plan on actually staying on the ball this year and updating the site regularly…or at least that is my plan.

Session 6- 13- 10

First off I have updated the schedule for the RV weekend this year:
Earlier this week…On Wed, Guv came out and we did some sparring and a ton of padwork.
Thurs, Chris and Guv came out and we did mainly pad work, began teaching the both of them how to feed. Finished up with about 45 mins of mountain axe work.

Today…Just Matt and I…

2 Rounds shadow boxing
5 Rounds sparring
1 round focus mitts
1 round floor bag
1 round heavy bag
2 rounds footwork both freestyle and partnered.

Next up sambo…
2 round off balancing grip work
3 rounds freestyle sambo

We ended the session with some Regimental broadsword refresher…basic positions and a few exercises.

Looking forward tot he RV weekend in just 5 or so days!

3 of us today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds sparring boxing
2 rounds sparring savate
2 rounds heavy bag
1 round freestyle footwork
2 rounds partnered footwork

We then broke out the kicking shield and worked on our chasse from our lead and rear leg.

Next up…weapons.

We went over some broad sword concepts including hanging guards and power generation through much smaller movement than we were using. Randal G. and I worked on this last time he was out and it has just started to sink in.

We then had four nice spirited bouts using the e-tool trainers. This was incredible fun and the hardest we have bouted with this weapon. Now that we have decent ‘toy’ shovels we can pretty much go all out, a little rough perhaps but a few scrapes and bruises mean little between friends…especially when you get to hit each other with shovels. We ended up breaking one of the trainers but it definitely was worth it.

We ended our session with a nice home brew courtesy of Justin’s father because beer is an excellent way to end a training session!

Guv was out on Thursday afternoon and we sparred for 3 rounds after warming up with some shadow boxing. We then went for about 30 minutes hitting the pads. We ended our session with about 45 minutes on the mountain axe. Concentrating on the basics and the essential figure eight movements.

Saturday found Kirk Lawson in the area and he stopped in for a bit…we did a bit of test cutting with knives and took some photos for the ever work in progress bata manual.