NEOHEMAS Session 12-20-15

Chris, Jeff, Mason and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves
2 rounds 3 count cadence drill
4 rounds of sparring

The above is what Chris and Jeff did, mason is new so I took him aside and got him going with some basic boxing materiall which he picked up on very fast.

We then placed out focus on dealing witht he straight rear punch, first with a shoulder roll then with the Russsian fisticuffs anvil drill and finally going fully into Mendoza’s guard with a chopper follow up. We ended our striking session with the concepts of Trinity strikes from Russian martial art with this combination, straight lead>collapse arm into elbow strike.extend are into hammer fist strikes. 3 strikes on the same motion with the same arm. Getting the mechanics down for power generation for this is always a challenge but after a few minutes it all fell into place.


We ended the session with some weapon work, reviewing Tim ANdersons knife cut pattern and looking into the hanging guard with thhe broadsword and comparing that to the Mendoza’s guard that we had been doing earlier in the session.


NEOHEMAS Session 12-13-15

Cain and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
6 rounds focus gloves
2 rounds 3 count combination drill

Lots of progress being made in both hittinga nd feedingt he gloves plus some nice progress in correct body mechanics. Cain is a big guy, once all his ducks are in a row he will be a real hard hitter.

Next up we worked some simple joint locks with our main focus this time around settling on the top wrist lock while standing, we ventured off into a few others but kept hittingt he top. We also worked on arm drags and three ways to get into them.

We ended the session with some Russian movement drills, always fun but probably best done when fresh. We did some Cossack squats, Russian style somersault/ground engagement and movement. Just a taster really but some stuff to work on next time for sure.


NEOHEMAS Session 12-6-15


jiroChris and I today. Fired up the new propane heater for our training space for the first time. I am beyond happy. No more long underwear, hats and gloves.

2 rounds shadow box
3 rounds focus gloves
3 rounds 3 count cadence drill
2 rounds three count combo drill.

We then worked on some shifting drills, passing forward to change the angle of attack, punching through to the opponents triangle point. We then shifted gears and worked on some combination striking into a shift with our Ancient Roman and Greek boxing.

We ended the session with some knife work, empty hands against knife and some Spanish knife work, cutting against the free standing pell, working the jiro and other concepts.