Session 11-28-10

Gov came out early today followed by Chris and Matt an hour later.

With Gov
2 rounds shadow boxing
45 minutes of padwork, footwork and head movement for getting inclose boxing range.

Then when Chris and Matt arrived…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
2 rounds savate
Matt got kicked in the groin twice within 30 seconds of each other ending his sparring a bit early:) I personally was on the receiving end of a brutal kidney punch. It hurt at the time but today is something really special. Good thing Monday is my day of no training.

We then worked on both the inside and outside triple as shown by Haislet. Then some savate work focusing on the side step and kick.






The role of Batman was not played by me in this scenario.

Session 11-21-10

Last Wed Matt was out and we worked mainly on boxing but picked up the sparth axe for some work there.


2 rounds shadow boxing
5 rounds boxing
3 rounds footwork

We went over our set of plays for the sparth axe and even did some bouting.

Today Matt came out and we…
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing
2 rounds of combat sambo

We went over some more material for sparth axe and bouted a bit. We then went over some basic German longsword material, mostly review but still fun since we have not done much of this.

We ended our session with a highly violent singlestick bout for the Broadsword League.

I am feeling a little beat up. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so lots of food and no training for me.

Session 11-14-10

On Wed Matt came out and we did our normal boxing routine and even got to play with the sparth axes a bit, getting some raw footage shot for a clip I am putting together.

Friday, Chris was out and we worked both boxing and savate.

Justin, Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
5 rounds boxing sparring
2 rounds freestyle footwork

Boxing is coming along nicely as of late. Everyone is improving and it is just getting easier. Still lots to work on but at least we are getting somewhere.

We had a finger injury so we decided to wait for sambo till next week. My finger I broke last year was sore as well…nothing worse than gripping each others jackets with dodgie finger. Sambo will wait till next week.

We next broke out the navaja trainers and worked through a flourish as taught by M. Loriega at ISMAC this year plus his dread “navaja kata”. We then had two bouts each with either navaja and faja(sash) or just navaja. We ended the session with some work using the sash for different angles.









Interesting navaja-like knife on a silver chain from Dalmatia…a Slavic navaja? Maybe not but perhaps the gypsy influence from Spain made some headway East. Regardless a pretty cool knife that I thought I would share.

Mark Tripp Judo/Sambo/MMA Seminar Findlay Ohio Dec 3-5

Mark Tripp Judo/Sambo/MMA Seminar Findlay Ohio Dec 3-5


Findlay YMCA East Branch 1400 Manor Hill Road Findlay, Ohio 45840

Saturday, 12/4/2010: 1 pm to 4 pm Sunday, 12/5/2010: 2:45 to 4:45

Saturday: Judo for Self-defense and Personal Protection. Techniques as taught to Coach Tripp by the Japanese Police Department and Civilian Defense Forces. AND Judo Throws (Gi) for BJJ/GJJ/Submission Grappling events. Coach Tripp will show you the best throwing techniques to be used for Non-Judo events. Take your Game to the next level!

Sunday: LeBell Grappling for MMA

Price is $50 per day. BUT: If you register and pay in advance with Mark Hunter, it is $50 for BOTH days.

Send E mail to:

Session 11-7-10

Busy three days…
On Friday Matt and Chris were out. Matt came out first and we did a
ton of work with the e-tool. When Chris arrived we jumped right into
some showboxing then sparring. The pace was definitely pushed
especially for Matt, some real hard sparring. We then went of some
clinch fighting and cover ups.

Sat Gov came out and we worked his boxing and savate, sparring 5
rounds and doing the focus gloves, shadow boxing and footwork. Focused on defeating a
strong jab. Lots of work on the Philly shell defense.

Finally on Sunday it was just Matt and I…we started with the sparth
axe and went through all our material for that then had some
interesting bouts. These axes have pvc shafts and leather heads. We
spent about an hour and a half here.

We ended the session with 2 rounds of shadow boxing, 3 rounds of
boxing and then 2 rounds of savate.

Looking forward to another busy week next week,

Session Halloween 2010

Friday it was Chris and I working boxing and Savate…

Sunday it was just Matt and I….
2 rds shadow boxing
5 rds boxing
1 rd focus gloves
1 rd heavy bag
1 rd floor bag
2 rd footwork drills

We then went through some clinch work and working for a take down from a cover position plus stopping such an action.

Week 4 in Mark Tripps grappling lesson plan adapted for Sambo, drop shoulder throw was our focus today.

We ended the session with some bata work, a refresher mostly but some good free bouting with control and no gear.

On Tuesday Chris came out and we worked on boxing and savate again with a focus on the chasse from the rear leg. Lots of footwork.