Session 7-23-08

Two sessions yesterday:

In the day, Matt came over and we did an hour and a half of sambo.
1 rd warmup lateral jogging in both directions
1 rd ground engagements
2 rds offbalance/grip work

We then worked on a few ground positions and chokes with and without the jacket.

3 rds of freestyle sambo

1 rd stick wrestling.

In the evening, Justin:

2 rds footwork
1 rd focus gloves
3 rds sparring
We then broke out the fokos and worked through a play adapted from Russian bayonet then free bouted for a very long time with them. I always have fun playing witht he axes, not sure why but they are definitely a favorite of mine.

Session 7-20-08

3 PM Chris showed up and we worked on throwing a feint straight to
get a reaction and commitment to defend then turning it into a wide or
narrow rounding blow on the same side and worked a double tap to hook
set up and a few rounds out of the corner.

At four Justin and Matt came (basically normal time) after two rds of
shadow boxing and 3 of sparring we worked on the same two concepts for
a while then did some ground work including chokes and setting up for
strikes on the ground…unfortunately (for training) I had a family
commitment so we had to end around 5:30.

On Monday the 21, Chris and Guv came over for about an hour in
grueling heat and I put them through a tough workout including three
rds of tough but limited sparring and two rds of fighting out of the
corner along with the usual footwork and drills for striking we do.

Once I noticed Chris had stopped sweating I made sure to end it and
tell him to get something to drink. These two guys really go
hard…they are both 19 and full of way too much energy for me to keep
up with.

Matt comes out tomorrow for sambo…I expect Justin either Wed or
Thursday night and Chris and Guv one more day during the week….no
rest for the wicked.

Session 7-6-08 NEOHEMAS

4 of us today…a nice cool 88 F in our training area when we started today.

2 rds shadow boxing
We set up a nifty little corner using three of our wrestling mats and
did some sparring from inside the corner and against the guy stuck in
the corner. I went first and did three rds then one extra rd just
plain ol’ sparring, the other guys each took turns doing extra rds in
the corner. Worked on some exscape and trapping strategies, overall
ring generalship as well. It is easy to let your training partners off
the hook when they start going our of bounds…this corner gives us no
out of bounds so we can work on pressing the attack closer without
letting up.

Next up we did a rd of ground engagement then a round of seated stick
which turns out to be more of a rd of pure physical extertion but it
still is fun.

We threw our kurtkas on and did three short rds without breaks of off
balancing/grip work with a focus on being yielding and not fighting so
hard to oppose our partners every action.

We worked on a few options from a Russian 2 on 1 arm grab then jumped
right into 3 rds of some cooperative standing grappling taking turns
doing throws and takedowns.

We ended the day working on some escapes from cross body position and
general submissions on the ground. We have Chris our mma guy leading
us in that department.

Wed I worked out alone with Matt and we did a ton of conditioning
along with sambo and axe work….Thursday Just came out and we worked
alot of the corner concepts and on defending strikes ont he
ground….another good session. Not overly long but we did some good

If these guys keep me working this hard all summer, I may actually be
in shape by the time fall rolls around.