Session 2-21-10

Just Matt and I today…

2 rds shadow boxing

10 rds boxing sparring

1 rd grip work

2 rds freestyle sambo

As you can see, not a thing done on anything new but a damn good workout working on what we already know…this idea is often neglected IMO.

We ended the session with some work using the e-tool. We worked mostly on the various figure eight movements and where they fit in with techniques we already know from other weapon systems…we also worked through a series of drills for shadow fighting with the e-tool.

Session 2-7-10

2 rounds of shadow boxing
10 rounds of boxing
2 rounds of footwork
We finished up our boxing segment with some work on a lead uppercut
counter against a straight lead when standing in mirrored stances.

On with the jackets for some sambo….
Our focus today was on the Georgian grip, an over the back belt grip
from the Georgian grappling art of Chidaoba, a prime component in the
creation of sambo. We worked on four throws from this grip…a back
trip, and out side leg lift, a sacrifice and the Georgian hip throw.
After 10 rounds of boxing an a long throwing session, my legs were
like rubber.

We ended the session with some work with the messer and a small bit of
time devoted to the dread e-tool. Then we did some strange mixed
bouting…e-tool vs messer.

Session 1-31-10

Very cold today but I got the training area over the freezing point by the time we got together.

Started out looking like just Matt and I today… we did 2 rounds of shadow boxing then followed up with 10 rounds of boxing. After those many rounds we were both soaked with sweat…in the cold that is just no good but fools we are we kept on. Always feel good after that much boxing; for sure I will sleep good tonight.
We pulled out the messer wasters I made a few weeks back and started working through some plays and concepts. Justin came in late and we worked for about 40 minutes further on the messer.
We finished up the session by working through some of the material from the Cane and Footpad article…from 1905 showing the use of a shillelagh in self defense.