Narodno Rvanje

Narodno Rvanje

Text and scans provided by Igor Sucevic

Narodno Rvanje is traditional Serbian wrestling style, and it was practiced in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Serb Kraina. Today it is almost extinct and it can be found only in rural areas. During religious holidays they organize wrestling tournaments. Sometime it is just wrestling and sometime wrestling is just a part of greater contest including : Archery, Tree climbing, knife throwing, racing through the forest, arm-wrestling, etc.

In Narodno Rvanje there are three disciplines, depending on the hold.

1. Chest hold – the wrestlers start by putting their right arm on the side of their opponent`s chest and hold opponent`s right elbow with their left arm.

2. Back hold – the wrestlers lock the arms behind opponents back in full fingers grip.

3. Belt hold – the wrestlers grab each others belts or pants.

The wrestlers are wearing colorful country clothes distinctive for their area. The object is to throw and pin your opponent to the ground. All types of throws are legal. The wrestlers in the 1st and 2nd photo are showing the back hold. In 3rd and 4th they are showing the belt hold ( and pants ). In the next 2 photos they are applying the chest and shoulder holds. The last couple of photos are illustrating the belt hold again.







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  1. Very intriguing ! The holds are very reminiscent of the British variety. IIRC all of them are also present in the various 15-16 fechtbuchers as well.

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