NEOHEMAS Session 9-30-15

Chris and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round savate sparring
1 round boxing
1 round body punch sparring
2 rounds cadence drill
1 round partnered footwork drill

We then worked on getting Chris’s orthodox boxing up to speed with his southpaw norm. In sparring today he made great use of shifting from right to left lead, it was a bit like fighting myself. I did not like it:) A constantly shifting opponent is frustrating.

We finished the session out by working the ever dangerous empty hands vs knife working with concepts from Fiore (4th mast in particular) and adapting our grappling skiils to defense rather than learning a whole new set of things to do. So much mileage out of a Russian 2 on 1 grip.

NEOHEMAS Session 8-23-15

Chris and I today…

2 rounds shadowboxing
3 rounds focus pads
2 rounds 3 count cadence drills
1 round boxing
2 rounds partnered footwork drills

Today we focused on power generation for lead leg round kicks. We also worked on using the lead leg round kick as an entry to close the distance. Worked on following the kick immediately with a lead hand straight punch with the punch timed ot land when the lead foot hits the ground after the kick is thrown. Pretty narrow focus today but lots and lots of improvement.

NEOHEMAS Session 8-6-15

zwerchCain and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves (things were clicking for him today, super fast
learner, great power in his strikes)
3 rounds 3 count cadence drill
3 rounds partnered footwork drills

Quick run through of Russian ROM exercises and fisticuffs power
generation motions.

Out came the shillelaghs for a quick intro into the footpad and cane
material, basic attacks and defense with both the standard size cane
and the short kippen. We also worked some of the grappling into our
stick play today…again things were clicking. Rather than techniques
we worked on the principles behind the grapples and how to apply them

We ended the session working with the German longsword, a quick focus
on Zwerchau and versetzen and keeping our hands safe and thumbs

Cain is off to Europe for an extended trip, will not be seeing him
till sometime in October. Hopefully he will get a chance to get some
training in.

NEOHEMAS Session 8-2-15

Chris and I today…

Brutal hot in the palaestra today. our ancient metal box fan with whirling metal blades and no grill was working overtime to keep us cool. It didn’t do much but somehow the sound of a fan seems to help.

2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds focus gloves
2 rounds 3 count sparring cadence drill
1 round boxing (with lead foot in a tire! Been really wanting to try this, was not disappointing in the least…brutal is a good descriptor for this.)
2 rounds partnered footwork drills

We then worked on some entries to gain the distance…lead leg fouette to the shin followed by a jab, overhand feint into a body clinch or kneeblock takedown mixed with overhanded followed by lead hook, off target jab to front chancery as taught by Oz at the IPS back in May, last one a forearm crash into a clinch or chancery followed up with either elbows to the face or punches depending on the range.

We ended the session with some work converting the Footpad and Cane material to use with a short stick or in this case a collapsible baton. We had already done this using the traditional Irish short stick called a kippen so it was an easy transition. We also worked some of the grappling with the stick aspects in that we had worked on last week. Chris struggled with some of this last time but this week it all clicked and he looked like he had been doing these tricks for as long as me:)