Session 5-27-12

Chris, Matt and I today…For once, I was completely healthy and had to adjust the session to everyone else’s injuries. Normally it is the other way around but I am not complaining.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds elbows on the pads followed by some work on elbow combinations mostly using Dempsey for power generation.
Somehow all these elbows lead us to sambo triangle point theory. We went over the basic concept then worked through some variations from the clinch letting things grow from the idea rather than a strict set of techniques. Still working from the clinch we put ourselves against the wall and worked on a few takedowns and reversals from both back to the wall and reversed.
We ended the session with a good long look at some Russian police baton:
We went over most of this manual and added some insight and training methods of our own to the mix.

Session 5-20-12

Super late training report.
Chris, Justin and I this time…

Matt had to work but Justin came out for the first time in months. Nice to see him back if even just for a visit. Good things keeping him occupied.

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus mitts
2 rounds stormfighting

Navaja review…basics with a focus on jiro and contra jiro this time around.

Footpad and cane style Irish stick…basic attacks and defenses. Striking training…basically using a stick as a target and feeding nearly the same we do with focus mitts. Nice drill, will have to get a clip of that posted.

We ended the session with some short stick/baton work. Basic strikes and defenses and some in close work. More next week on this if Chris comes out since this was his area of interest this time around.


Session 5-6-12

Everyone canceled on me this week so I went solo for today…at least for a while.
6 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds heavy bag
1 round floor bag
1 round freestyle footwork
5 rounds solo work with the navaja
I was then joined by my 9 year old daughter Sophia…
1 round boxing from the knees
1 round footwork
1 round singlestick drills
2 rounds focus gloves
1 round faja work.
I also did some much needed cleaning of the training area and hung a white board as well as did some work on my sambo notes. All in all not a total bust but I always miss some violent violence. Sophia is pretty tough but i have a few pounds on her.

Session 4-29-12

Just Matt and I…seemed like a good day to fight!
2 rounds shadow boxing
5 rounds of boxing
1 round savate
1 round stormfighting
3 rounds sambo

The plan was to do some weapon work as well but with just the two of us we went pretty hard and by the end of the sambo we were ready to call it a day…mind you we talked for about 45 minutes before even starting. Making plans for the Vegas trip to Combat Con!