Session 8-26-12

Just Chris and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus mitts
2 rounds boxing…1st round went smoothly, by the end of the second round I was sucking wind and got hit way to many times in the head for my liking. My nose was broken for the millionth time, not bad but pretty sore and wiggly, a bit more crooked than it was before. I can now see it continually in the line of vision of my right eye:) A second after the shot to the sniffer, my right eye got blasted. The ring timer had mercy on me a few seconds later.
Feeling a bit roughed up we started working some material for knees and elbows. Some Thai for the knees mostly but the elbows were a combination of Thai and Russian style fisticuffs with a little bit of Dempsey mechanics to mix it up completely. We also went over some of the concepts from last weeks session.
Out came the navaja’s for a quick review and some footwork, both jiro and contra jiro and well as some work on the concepts of corridas. We also hit on the idea of the recortes. We finished with some of the footwork drills borrowed from Garrote Larense. A very footwork inspired knife session.
We ended the session with messer. We finially had a chance ot go over the messer from Rec Violence 8 and to work on a few basics.

Session 8-19-12

Just Chris and I this week…
We went over a few things from Rec Violence such as the slungshot material and some of the Shiner style Irish stick to start the session.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round savate
1 round partnered footwork
We then worked on a lead shoulder feint into a side step uppercut of shovel hook to the body. Also a jab, hammer fist to the ribs, hook to the head. We finished up the striking with some work on the jab/jolt including more feinting and a few methods for power generation and how and when to use them.
Next up we threw on our kurtka and worked on sambo…just a few things including the material in this video:
And the Perednyaya podnozhka. Which will be familiar to some as a Tai Otoshi or front body drop. (Kirk, do not try this at home).
Chris then brought in his asp and knife from his belt (new LEO) and we went over a few things including a few striking patterns and the bastoncello as taught by Allen Reed this year at Rec Violence. We looked at his knife, a strange forward curved blade that looked somewhat like a cross between a push dagger and a carpet knife. So how best to use this?
Well I just cleaned out a freezer and found a nice big freezer burnt pork loin that was just screaming to be slash and cut apart, so out we went with some cord to hand it with, Chris’s knife and my semi-new gaucho knife.
Definitely using the short curved knife in the manner of le couteau as discussed by Renaud…a more of a boxing approach. The Gaucho style punal cut like a dream…super thin and sharp blade. It is headed right for my kitchen:)
As a final kicker for our session, Chris and I moved a clawfoot tub for my wife.

Howdie folks,
Allen gave a pretty good summary of the event so no need for me to repeat what he said. I justed to publicly thank everyone who came out to learn, teach and just generally have a good time.
As usual we had a low turnout. This year lower than ever. While it is a nice feeling to teach a class of 30+ it is an even better feeling getting to go over more material with a group of people who get it fairly quick. Six of one, half a dozen of the other sort of deal I suppose. I do know that we will be doing this again next year. No date set as of yet but already some talk about classes for next year.

Session 7-29-12

Once again, late as can be…
No regulars this week. Instead I gave an introduction lesson to a young wrestler and his father.
He has possible mma aspirations…not a lick of striking experience though so I got him moving with footwork and three basic punches: straight lead, straight rear and rounding blow with inverted fist. He picked these up rather well and by the end of the lesson was already get a little umph behind his punches. We touched a bit on defense as well, letting him parry my straight lead while working the focus mitts. His older brother should be coming out with him this coming Sunday.
I also got to film a short clip on an aspect of Footpad and Cane style Irish stick that I had taught at Combat Con:
Also getting ready for Recreational Violence VII on August 11-12.
What have you all been up to?