Sunday afternoon at 4 PM. We also have a small group at 6 PM on Thursdays. Other times are possible, including weekdays in the evening and during the day. If you are interested and none of these times fit your schedule, please feel free to write and let me know and we will see what we can do.


Our training location is in Kinsman Ohio. For more detailed information, please write.


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  1. Good Afternoon!

    I am looking for instruction in medieval broadsword techniques and swordsmanship. I was wondering if you knew of any groups or schools in the Akron area that teach such skills.



  2. Hi John,

    I am sorry to say that apart from our group, NE Ohio is barren wasteland for western martial arts.

    I know we are not very close but you are welcome to come out and train with us anytime…maybe once a month where we can focus on things you are interested in. you might be able to get some things to take home to work on and eventually start up your own group in Akron?

  3. Eventually starting my own group would be fantastic. I may accept your offer about coming out every so often. Before I do, I have to let you know that I am a complete novice. I don’t have any training or background in any martial arts. Not even wrestling. If this would not hamper your training, I would love to come out and learn something. But, I wouldn’t want to be too much of a burden or intefere with your training.

  4. You starting out as a complete novice is not a problem at all. The basic movements of any system or weapon are the most important one…for us to go over them again is a good thing.

    you can write me at:
    easier to get in touch with me than here on the site.

    let me know what your specific interests are and we can go about figuring out a good time to meet and what to do.

  5. When I found your website it was nothing less than total shock. I’ve studied Asian martial arts, but that wasn’t really what I wanted… I would love to study the fighting skills and techniques of my ancestors, who were European. I’m located in Chillicothe Ohio, and was wondering if you knew of any instructors in southern or even central Ohio. I have a family and a toddler, so unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to travel to your site for a few years yet… but I would love to get started sooner. =)

    Thank you!!


    • Hi A.J.

      Always great to hear from someone who share the interest. One of my good friends Kirk runs a WMA group around Dayton…not too far but not too close either. His email is :
      Maybe you can try and make ti out there once a month until you can get your own group started in your town?

      We also run a two day multi-subject clinic here in NE Ohio every year in June. Keep and eye out and I will post the info here soon.

  6. Hello,

    I am the coordinator for the Ohio Historical Free Fencers. We are a local WMA group in Columbus Ohio, affiliated with the HEMA Alliance I was wondering if you guys had any interest in a meetup/class/sort of thing? Thanks, Jaron

    • Hi Jaron…good to hear form you. We definitely are interested in getting to know all the groups in Ohio better, that includes yours. Let’s talk and see what we come up with. My email is Keep in touch, there are way too few of us here in Ohio, we need to start kicking some ass.

  7. Hello… I don’t know if this group is still active. I am interested in HEMA and looking for some like minded individuals to train with in Northeast Ohio.

  8. Hello,
    I am looking for training and instruction in historic long sword, arming sword, and back sword/saber. I tried contacting through email but it did not go through. I am looking for meeting times and address. Thanks for your time.

  9. Hi, I sent an email a few days ago as just a basic inquiry. I was wondering if you were meeting this week, what you’d be doing, etc. Thanks!

  10. We train every Wednesday 630-830pm in Columbus Ohio if that is an option for you. Jaron

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