Stance & footwork


First thing to work on is making sure your stance is solid and at least semi correct or better put, correct for you. Not everyone is going to hold the same stance, there will be variations but for this style there is one main stance that I will detail.

Hold your weapon in your dominant hand and keep the weapon side forward for now. (later stance variations will have the weapon held in the rear hand) Keep your hands up like a boxer and make sure your elbows are not winging out, keep them tight.

Point your lead toe at your imaginary opponent. Your rear foot should be at about 45 degrees and have the heel slightly off the ground so you are ready for some quick movement.

Here is a very short clip of me showing the basic stance:


The next thing we need to get down is the footwork. This is basic boxing footwork. The only real difference is we are now working with a weapon in the lead hand so definitely dominant side in the lead. We have 2 basic steps:

1. Forward

2. Back

3. Outside

4. Inside

5. Circle to the outside

6. Circle to the inside

Here is another short clip showing the six steps in the order above.

When working on this basic footwork it is important at the beginning to keep a North, South, East, West alignment with your steps. Make sure you are pointed at these directions when doing this even if it means you have to make a large + sign on the floor. Or make sure you are facing the flat of each wall when doing this indoors.

Once you have a firm grip on which way you are facing and how you are moving then it is ok to deviate from the N,S,E,W alignment. Just make sure you stick with it at the beginning.

2 Responses

  1. very helpfull

    • Glad you found it helpful. If there are any specific questions you have, free free to shoot them my way either here or on the mail list. If there is something you would like to see me go over here let me know.

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