Session 3-24-13

Chris, David, Gary, Jason,. Rachael
and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves
Some work on Russian style fisticuffs, combination punches, flowing form one side to the other.
2 rounds boxing
1 round each on Fred the Head…basically a padded head on a stick.
We then worked on a side step, body shot combo, from one punch to four punches and elbow finishing with a kick….
Next up, sambo! We threw on the jackets for some light work, going over some missed opportunities from our Ohio Championship matches. We worked on the pancake throw as well as a simple drag down into an armbar. Also both the bicep crush and the calf crush since Gary found himself in the calf crush situation at the Championships.
We ended with just a bit of discussion and work on basic knife throwing, no spin.

2013 Ohio State Sombo Championships AAR

Early Saturday morning David, Gary, Jason and I headed down to Jamestown Ohio for 2013 Ohio State Sombo Championships.
My plan was to compete but upon arriving there was a serious lack of old dues so I decided not to do take part, they offered me an exhibition bout but I really did not understand what that meant fully…I now wish I would have done that but at least now I know what that entails.
Both Gary and David took part. The turnout was not all that great so there was not a lot of competition but they did get a decent amount of mat time. Both won and lost and learned a great deal. Each managed to win by submission with Gary pulling off a nice armbar on a heavier experienced opponent and David hitting a top wrist lock (Americana for you JJ folks) on a heavier more experienced sambist.
Both Gary and David won first place in their divisions…not heavily contested mind you but still a great showing for their first time out. If all goes well we will be going to the KY State Sombo, Greco Roman, Freestyle/Folkstyle Champion ships in mid April. I will also be compete this next time around…even if just in exhibition matches.
David goes for armbar

Session 3-10-13

First off, missed last weeks reports. David, Gary and I worked boxing and sambo in a fairly short session.
This week:
Chris, David, Gary , Jason and I.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves
Boxing focus this week,,,lead uppercut to lead hook.
We also worked some kicks this time around, mainly the difference between a Thai round kick and a savate fouette.
3 rounds footwork drill
We have the Ohio State Sambo championship next Saturday so we threw on the jackets and dug right into our grappling. Still one handed, Chris coached us through some ground work including a few sweeps. Our takedown this week was the inside leg hook. We also worked some on the scissor takedown
2 rounds of grip work
2 rounds sport sambo
Our plan is to get together two more times this week for final sambo prep.