Hitting things!

Given the nature our our weapon here, it only stands to reason that we should start hitting things right off the bat. What you hit is up to you, a heavy bag, a pell, a post in your basement wrapped in a comforter…the possibilities are endless. The plan is to not destroy your stick or what you are using as a pell.

Any of the following striking drills can and should be done without the use of a target, get the feel for them in the air as well. Add them to the other flourishes you are working on.

Start out rather light, don’t kill your target right now. We will work on power in another lesson.

Back, fore, over

Here is a clip that shows a very basic three strike combination. A backhand strike followed by a forehand then an overhand.

High low high diagonal

Very simple high to low to high diagonal combination. I show three variations here:

1. Starting from the right

2. Starting from the left

3. Right then left combination

Do these in the air as well as they really teach you how to get some torque on your strikes.


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