Session 12-11-11

Chris, Matt and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
1 rounds heavy bag
2 rounds 3 count cadence drill
Anvils…these are Russian fisticuff drills that are fast paced feed and parry.
Straight lead
straight rear
We then mixed all three for some intense drilling.
Our grappling this week was some no kurtka entries from combat sambo and wrestling…arm grabs/traps and whizzers were the order of the day, We also worked a few lifts and takedowns from against the wall.
We dove into the Combat Glima material again this week, Reviewing al the work from last week and adding in a backheel from a body lock. This stuff is simple and great fun. looking forward to doing more.
We ended the session working on Navaja and stiletto…we worked the figure eight movements with the blade using a stick to learn and move onto the shorter knife made it a little easier but still challenging for those not immersed in the idea of figure eights.
Tuesday Chris was out and we spent and hour and a half on boxing, savate and navaja.
Here is a clip I made doing some figure 8’s with my Garotte:


Session 12-4-11

Just Matt and I today…

We reviewed some of the material that Randal showed us last week
before our normal routine. We spent most of our time on the turning
actions from the buza footwork we did…whizzer, turn then uppercut.

2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing
1 round savate

We then did some Russian fisticuff drills:

We also worked through a couple of the stick grab moves from the
Footpad and the Cane article:

Next up, something new….Combat Glima! We wen through a basic warm
up, then all the way through lesson 3. You can find more about this on
the Facebook group Combat Glima:
Awesome plates from an 1830’s manual as well as some great video
clips. Worth checking out if you are already on FB.
Here is a link to the Combat Glima videos:

Lastly we threw on our kurtka and worked a few foot sweeps.

What’s happening in your training?