Session 5-26-13

On Wednesday, David, Gary and I had a training session…
2 rounds shadow box
2 rounds sparring
I had a minor epiphany about a throw I had always had a hard time with so we we jumped right into sambo and worked on that for a while and also concentrated on going for the ankle lock.
On Sunday it was David, Gary and I once again.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds sparring
Then lots and lots of ground work including strikes on the ground. We drilled moving from position to positions, getting the armbar, going for the kneebar, if the kneebar fails, hitting the toehold, Great groundwork!
We ended the session with some singlestick/Regimental broadsword work. Some limited bouting to give these guys a taste of what was to come.



Session 5-15-13

David, Gary and I tonight…

2 rounds shadow boxing

2 rounds sparring

Gary and David did about 20 minutes of folkstyle wrestling then we worked on some clinch fighting off the wall with some interesting things coming up.

We geared up again and did some ground sparring…ground and pound type stuff, great fun but brutally tiring.

We ended the session with an intro into Regimental broadsword/singlestick.  Basic wards and simple cuts to begin with with some drilling. The weather is definitely more agreeable now so it will be nice to start up with this again without a ceiling in the way..



Session 5-5-13

We had a session on Wed…David, Gary, Jason and I:
shadow boxing
rounds of boxing and savate plus an introduction to knees. We ended the Wed session with a reintro into Footpad and Cane style shillelagh work.

On Sunday, Chris, Gary, Jason and I:
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round savate
Chris then took us through some nice work clinching and against the wall.
We then went through the 9 offensive stick actions with the shillelagh from Footpad and the Cane.

We ended the session with some work using the sparth axe…basic wards and a few defenses from common attacks. Sparth axe is a summer weapon since it is so large, nice to get swinging it again…I am reminded why Galloglass we all big guys.