Session 5-30-10

Holiday weekend…solo training today but first…

On Wed I had Chris and Guv out and we worked through a nice combo: low lead hook followed by a high lead hook with a passing step to your inside, slight body shift when delivering the next blow a straight rear to the head, followed by a lead leg fouette to the inside of the thigh then a rear leg chausson to the gut. We went through several variations of this and built it up from the first two punches slowly.

Chris and Guv sparred two rounds as well and they really beat the hell outta each other the first round…just pure aggression. Maybe not the best way to train or even fight but highly entertaining:) The second round I had them move more and punch less, working more with the concept of reacting to the opponent rather than just both wailing away.

We finished with about 45 mins of mountain axe work concentrating on blocking incoming blows with the head and following with a butt smash then a step back and downward blow.

So today for me (pretty much what I do three times a week anyway with two days S&C):
4 rounds of shadow boxing
3 rounds heavy bag
1 round floor bag
2 rounds freestyle footwork
3 rounds navaja work
4 rounds e-tool work
3 rounds shillelagh

Cold Steel Blackthorn

I had put of buying a Cold Steel poly blackthorn for quite some time. Mainly because I have enough sticks and adding another one was not a priority and especially adding one of man made materials. not that I am so traditional that I can’t give it a whirl but it took me a while to come around.

I bought it off of ebay for $33, new still in it’s original package.

The picture for it is a little deceiving. it looks pretty good int he pic as you would expect it to. Once in hand it was thick and too heavy IMO and I like heavy sticks.

The head was clearly a glued on piece and it did not look like it would stay on …basically this is meant as a walking stick and not a fighting stick. That is fine I suppose but for anyone reading this, i would suspect they are more interested in how this thing handles as a weapon.

So I took it out a rapped it against a 4×4 post, After only two hits it became clear that the glued on piece was not only a glued on piece but it had been coated to look like wood:

So not only was the grip too big and ungainly, it was coated to look like wood very thinly.

Back out I went to the post…20 whacks later (hard whacks mind you.) the glued on piece came off showing tha tit was held on by glued in pegs:

So if you are planning on getting this to walk with, fine, it could use a rubber tip on the bottom but other than that it should work but do not buy this to train with, not only is it too heavy but the idiotic looking head will pop off.

So I took a band saw and  a sander to the head area of the stick and reworked it a bit. This brought the weight down to a more reasonable level, still heavy but manageable. It is definitely not pretty but I think it can now be used for some training purposes and ok for carry.

So buy at your own risk. If you want to do a little work after it breaks, it does make a decent carry or possibly even a pell stick.

I apologize for the low picture quality in this post. Digital camera on the fritz so I had to use my phone. I wanted to get this posted quickly though just in case anyone else was taking the plunge.

Session 5-23-10

Lots to report on this week…

Last Monday I had Chris and Guv out and we worked on some Russian style striking and tons of footwork followed by about a half hour of mountain axe work…just the basics, angles of attack, stances and such.

Thursday Chris and Guv again. This time we spent much of our time working on the uppercut and going through some variations plus lots of footwork. We ended with an introduction to singlestick using the Regimental Broadsword method.

Over the weekend Randal Gustitis was out and on Saturday he and I worked through some various things including broadsword and sabre using several manuals to pull from, Russian Buza a traditional method of fisticuffs and dance…really very interesting.

Sunday, Chris, Guv, Matt and Justin joined Randal and I for our main weekly session….

I turned it over to Randal as a guest instructor. First we went over the dagger section from Meyer in great detail. We spent about 3 hours on this. Then it was time for some Buza and Randal repeated the private lesson he gave me on Saturday, which is great at least for me as far as retention goes. He will be running the same classes again at the RV weekend less than a month away.

For a closer look at Buza go here:

Session 5-16-10

Matt, Chris and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing

2 rounds boxing sparring

2 rounds touch glove sparring(before punches can be exchanged both gloves must be touched to the other guys gloves…makes for a good infighting drill. Once the exchange is finished we start over again with the touching of gloves.)

2 Rounds heavy bag

4 rounds partnered footwork drill

2 rounds freestyle footwork

We then worked on some basic savate combination mixing hands and feet together for a better flow…tried them on each other and the heavy bag.

Next up sambo…we threw our jackets on and got right into some review of last week material mainly working on pop offs to belt grips. We then worked on the Russian Uchi mata or podhvat series of take downs. We ended the session with a great rolling takedown, lots of fun with this last one. On last

Monday Guv was out and we worked for about an hour and a half on boxing…lots of sparring.

On Thursday Chris and Guv were out and we worked mainly mma striking for about an hour before moving onto basic single stick broadsword work for about a half hour. They are coming out again this afternoon so I better get some rest 🙂

Russian Army Fight!

A great highlight clip of some Russian combat. Lots of great throws that are more sambo related than the normal wrestling takedowns seen in mma.  Plus a nifty Nightwish song for a soundtrack…

Current training location

This is a picture of our current training area. It is not very big and the ceilings are low but it does keep the elements at bay. Hopefully in the next couple of months I will be able to renovate the top of our barn and createthe Loft of Doom Mark II.

Session 5-2-10

Justin, Matt and I today…

3 rounds shadow boxing
4 rounds boxing
2 rounds heavy bag
2 rounds partnered footwork drill
1 round freestyle foot work

Had a minor Dempsey epiphany this week while solo training…just a simple way to get the jolt to land on the move. Nothing major but nice to get it right finally. We worked on tweaking our side step jolt just a bit to get the feel of it. Will do more next session.

Next up Sambo…

Everything we worked with today was from the opponent getting a grip on your jacket, followed by popping it off and going for the takedown. We worked three main concepts from here and a few side tracks. Made some headway into getting better with a few of the throws that were not quite as hard to right as we thought. Pretty productive grappling session.

Once again long weapon work thwarted by the rain so we grabbed out navaja trainers and did about 10 minutes of the basic footwork and cambios before moving onto some longer range work using the concepts of terrano, jiro, contra-jiro and recortes…got the guys stringing a few of these ideas together for a better flow.

Navaja should be our go to when the weather is crap…just have to remember to do it!

We ended the session taking my new e-tool trainer for a spin. A few weeks ago I bought a three pack children’s rake, hoe and shovel at Walmart for $3. I cut the shovel down and gave the other two items to my children to play with…after all I don’t need them digging holes in the yard:)

The shovel, once cut down, is very light and flexible but still rigid enough to make things work. It will give when used for thrusting and the edges are dull. My other plastic trainers made from snow shovels still pack quite a wallop and could easily break a bone…this one, not likely.

We work e-tool vs knife for about a half hour. Defending and countering basic cuts and thrusts. Once again the defensive and offensive capabilities of the e-tool continue to impress me.