Session 7-24-11

Just realized that i forgot to post for last weeks session…it has been so hot that I have just not felt like sitting at the computer.

Last week, Chris, Matt and I.

Matt was just a few days from Lasic surgery and was told to take it easy…so he came to train! Wisely he chose not to box.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing, just Chris and I.
4 rounds footwork.

Onto sambo…
4 rounds of grip work
2 rounds sambo (sport rules)
Chris tooled both Matt and i on the ground but it was a learning experience…he helped us attempt to patch up some holes in our ground game as well.

We ended with some dussack work…first time Chris had ever held one so we went over basic wards and cuts. We ended the session with some bouting using the Purple Heart leathers…a ton of fun!

Wed…Matt and I for the midweek session.
2 rounds grip work
3 rounds sambo (sport rules)
Went over the wards and master cuts in longsword then compared them tot he dussack material we have been working on. We then played a few bouts witht he dussack…again, great fun~

Today just Matt and I…
Short but brutal session.
2 rounds grip work
3 rounds sambo (sport rules)
Really seeing an improvement with our sambo; both of us are starting to see things and take advantage in time rather than see things and say, hey, I coulda done something there! Just a little under three weeks till the Ohio Sombo Summer Nationals…we keep up with this and we might not get slaughtered right outta the gates.

My new Hajdiev Kurtka from Bulgaria…stiff as could be, can’t wait to get this monster broke in.

Session 7-10-11

My goal for this month was to solely focus on sambo for our upcoming Aug 13th event. Sunday’s session was all sambo, throws and groundwork.

On Tuesday Chris came out and wanted to do some boxing so with a slight twist of the arm, boxing it was followed by sambo.

Today Matt was out and brought his new Purple Heart Dussack…needless to say we had to play with them for a good hour or so. I really liked them. For bouting they hurt, but it is a reasonable hurt. We also boxed a few rounds since we realized a month off og boxing was going to mess up all the gains we have worked so hard to achieve. We ended todays session with sambo…it’s still mighty ugly but we are getting there:)

Session 7-3-11

Just Matt and I…

We spent an hour or so just with me telling tales of Combat Con.

We then went over the material from the only class I was able to take…Messer and Dussack. This worked right into the stuff we had already been doing messer-wise.

2 rounds shadow boxing
5 rounds boxing

We ended session working with the navaja…first some faja or sash work then onto a review of basic attacks ending with the Sevellian Star.

Combat Con

Hmmm, where to begin?

Ok, I’ll start with the 40 hour drive across the US. I can’t say I was too fond of this but to be honest for all of the discomfort and time spent, it was worth it. Seriously, if you missed this event you need to kick yourself in the ass and start putting money in your piggy bank for next years event and the official word is that will indeed be a Combat Con II.

Travel was a problem but the hotel was really cheap and the food was as well. The event itself was even affordable so if you can get there next year, do it!

I had a pretty busy teaching and demo schedule this year so I was only able to take one class….Messer and Dussack taught by Lee Smith and Paul Macdonald. This was the first class of the entire event and anyone who has done this knows about hte strain it puts on your legs if you are not used to it…I wasn’t so my legs were sore all weekend but it was a small price to pay for some top notch instruction in a fun weapon system.

I won’t go into my classes other than to say they were well attended and it looked like the people enjoyed them. I think Is aw more smiles this weekend than at any other past event I have either taught at or attended.

Had a chance to catch up with many friends that i only get to see once or twice a year, had a chance to finally meet people who have interacted with for years on line and met a ton of new people including the Cold Steel demo crew who did a few excellent demos over the weekend.

As you can imagine, Vegas offered night time activities that were far and above what we usually have at these large events. More hilarity than can be covered in this brief note ensued and many a legend were born.

Unfortunately then came the 40 hour ride home which was a little less than 40 hours due to an alternate route missing much of the Rockies. Next year I think the Train might be the way to go only $200 to LV from Cleveland.

Make sure you go to:
And take a look at what you missed and get ready for next year.