Session 1-29-12

Chris, Dave, Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing, mainly close quarters work.
1 round all against all, gang boxing…brutal!
3 rounds partnered footwork drill
Dave, Matt and I then gave Chris 3 rounds of cover drill against the wall.
We ended out striking section with some Russian fisticuff drills working on dealing with getting the arms out of the way, pushing, pulling and chopping to clear a path for a straight blow.
On with the kurtka for some sambo…
We went over last weeks session: hip throw to ankle pick to inside leg hook. Also the low, low single. We also did some work from the Russian 2 on 1 tie up.
We ended on time this week (2 hour session) due to the weather…at my house it was near 40 F when we started, ten minutes in it looked like a scene from “The Thing”. I was half expecting to see a helicopter chasing a dog across the yard. better t finish early and get everyone home safe.








Me feeding Chris some punches today. Kinda blurry but I am pretty sure we we not standing still:)

Session 1-22-12

Chris and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round savate
2 rounds cover drills…one puncher and the other guy gets to cover up, no offense allowed. Each round started with the defender working off the wall.
Our boxing is usually a combination of Russian fisticuffs, classical pugilism and modern boxing. At times I will choose to work one over the other but most often we work a blend of the three.
Up next…sambo:
We worked on a chain, hip throw to ankle pick to inside leg hook takedown. We ended the sambo with some work on the low single.

Sambo Technique – Throw combination #4 Ankle Pick to Inside Hook

We finished out session with the navaja. First we covered close range throwing. Not a big fan of throwing my weapon away but it is fun:) That out of the way we worked on switching from saber to icepick grip and some work from griped arms. We covered the Castillian guard and played with the matadors thrust a bit.

Session 1-15-12

Only Matt and I today.

2 rounds of shadow boxing
4 rounds boxing
1 round kickfighting(no punches just kicks…great fun!)
On with the jackets for the much neglected sambo..
2 rounds grip work
1 round combat glima blocking drill
1 round combat glima headhold take down drill
2 rounds freestyle sambo
We ended the session with some work on the footpad and the cane text again. Drilling the attacks and defensive movements then limited bouting using only the methods described in the article. Flank guard with the lower part of the stick directly followed by a face thrust proved to be the winner of the most interesting thing we did today. Very simple system but really a pretty complete method for defending oneself with a shillelagh. It seems that the FaC text might fit well with the Cunningham method, will be looking at that during the week to try out next Sunday.
Highlights of the session…me dropping Matt with a left fouette to the solar plexus and Matt throwing me for a Total Victory in sambo. If he had not stopped to admire his handywork he would have cinched up that armbar as well.

Measuring the grip from the FaC article. Heavy end near elbow, ferrule end out the top of the hand…backwards!

Session 1-8-12

Four of us today…First group training for three weeks! It has been a rough three weeks…lots of solo work and one session with Chris last Tuesday working on boxing and navaja.

Even though this was the first group session of the year I had to make it short one due to pressing issues. Still very glad we got together.
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds 3 count cadence drill
2 rounds everyone against everyone boxing…head gear and gloves, everyone was your opponent. Really hectic, fast paced training. Learned so much just in these two rounds. I can’t wait to do it again!
Here is a Russian clip from RAF showing this type of drill:
I got lazy and didn’t use my gum shield resulting in a chipped tooth but it was worth it!
We worked on kick from the ground from Russian style kickfighting then did a ground kick combo from Savate Defense. Minor family emergency came to a head and we had to quit early…still great session even if short.

Looking forward to another year of training!